20° Previews Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason I have to say I'm impressed. You are Alexander Nesterov, a meteorologist who finds himself trapped on a frozen Russian Icebreaker ship. The captain and crew have all frozen to death, and from the looks of things, you aren't going to be far behind them. The game mechanics of Cryostasis revolve around heat. Your 'life bar' is actually a measure of your body temperature. With a glance you can gauge how cold your immediate environment is, and compare that to your core body temperature. All enemies that I saw during my time with the game are frozen, reanimated, crewmen. When they hit you, your core body temperature drops. When you step outside or into a cold area, your core body temperature drops. When you have to reach out and interact with something frozen, (a door handle, a switch, etc) your core body temperature drops. Do you see the trend?

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