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Submitted by PureSophistry 532d ago | podcast

VGS- August 19th: Why Japanese Games are Inherently Sexist or Is it Cultural Confusion?

VGS cuts through the drek at Gamescom and find the information you need to know..

Including this little gem, from Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid V. In the trailer a visage of scantly clad western women are used to distract and confused trained super soldiers from their task.

Is this game play mechanic a campy wink to the original’s in the franchise? Or perhaps, it is emblematic of a larger issue that persist in most Japanese games…..the complete objectification of women. (gamescom, Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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HanzoHattori  +   532d ago
I wonder what would happen if someone said that western made games are mindless fluff?
PureSophistry  +   532d ago
Well Hanzo, I would hope that would be a measured and compelling criticism of generalities found artistically.

The "box banging boobies" of MGSV....who is that possibly for?
DarkOcelet  +   532d ago
Dude those stuff were in metal gear since mgs1 , why are you giving kojima a hard time with these things , its optional and you can go the whole game without even realizing they exist and its just a game .
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HanzoHattori  +   532d ago
Not all Japanese games are sexist and not all western games are mindless fluff. I hope you see the point i'm trying to make?
Scark92  +   532d ago
MGS always had stuff like in that in their games, its part of MGS at this point.
Th4Freak  +   532d ago
Well PureSophistry, the problem is that you're criticizing a different culture, the problem is that there's a thing called subjectivism and the problem is that you're trying to impose your culture.
breakpad  +   532d ago
totally agree ..all kind of idiots and uneducated people have become game journalist and sociologist knowing what is sexist ,racist and giving labels around...guys find another job , stop talking about games and play Fifa, CoD and flappy bird, gems on your mobile ...are the only games you must play according to your brain
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MEsoJD  +   532d ago
*Click bait*
AHall88  +   532d ago
Different cultures are different. You can't force another culture to adapt to another, especially when that other culture isn't any better itself. ;)

Besides MGS has always had humor like that, don't like it, don't buy it, simple really.

You white knighters keep on white knighting though, lol.
Heisenburger  +   532d ago
I've said this elsewhere, but the specific example of MGS V and the "sexy box" thing is actually showing you how stupid, and easy to manipulate the men in the game are honestly. It's not sexist towards men either, but if anything is makes the men look weak, and stupid.

It's just good fun. Breaking Bad peppers in the humor so that it's not just a depressing ride. That's what Kojima seems to do, as well.
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Blacktric  +   532d ago
"Or perhaps, it is emblematic of a larger issue that persist in most Japanese games…..the complete objectification of women."

Really? So you are completely fine with men who look like models or has the body of 30 wrestling champions mixed together that we see in most of the Japanese games? This issue's been discussed thoroughly for the past 6 years. Let it go already. We don't need any more click bait crap like this that doesn't even add anything to the table other than baselessly accusing developers.
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ShowGun901  +   532d ago
yea, Gears of War made me feel objectified...

not like i don't look like Marcus Fenix or anything... cause i totally do! Really!

ok, i missed like, 1 gym day...

(outta 1)
PureSophistry  +   532d ago
You decidedly did not listen or read anything that was presented.

The notion that "this has already been talked about" therefore we shouldn't discuss ludicrous.

The question of female representation in any art form needs to an expression of equality and narrative depth. I pose the question, "Is this asinine display of the female form a persisting culturally issue- or is MGS hurting narrative progression"

You take a dev like Suda 51, who is able to paint a delicious satire of cultural difference with functioning gameplay mechanics while never preening.

MGS V was advertised as the "new- more realistic way to play" Why are trained super solders being tricked by cardboard titties?
Heisenburger  +   532d ago
Do you even Metal Gear bro? jk

But seriously, it's really a part of the series, while simultaneously expanding the players arsenal of tools. How is a man, so stupid that he is gawking at a box, an insult to women and not men?
I can appreciate your point of view. I just don't agree with the negative reaction to a staple of the series, the oddball humor.

Metal Gear has always had some seriously heavy subject matter. As I said above, Breaking Bad peppers in humor to keep it from being totally depressing. A bit of a palette cleanser, if you will. That's how Metal Gear is too. Now I understand that your issue isn't that there is humor, but that since they use an image of a woman as a conduit for the humor, you are offended.

The real counter to that entire argument is Metal Gear Solid 2. You run around as Raiden, naked, cupping himself while he does spin kicks. If they can do that to the main male character, why can they not have an idiot male soldier fooled by the image of a pretty woman on a box?

*Edited for typos
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Blacktric  +   532d ago
"The notion that "this has already been talked about" therefore we shouldn't discuss ludicrous."

That's not the sole reason. It's also because it's a pathetic non-issue to talk about, on top of it being brought up and analyzed countless time in the past 6+ years, is what makes it a worthless topic at this point.

"MGS V was advertised as the "new- more realistic way to play" Why are trained super solders being tricked by cardboard titties?"

And? They were talking about how some mechanics worked in general. The way enemy soldiers arm themselves with better armor and weapons when you replay a mission or the way they tactically coordinate with each other to properly flank you. They weren't talking about the typical ridiculousness found in MGS games. If you are going to bring up the realism card, you shouldn't look at a game that has walking tanks capable of launching nukes or cyborg ninjas with stealth camouflages.

Again, stop beating a dead horse. This non-issue's been discussed to death already and every single time the loser side's been the one with people who got easily riled up after seeing a half naked woman in a game and tried to make it look like an issue.
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roboteye  +   532d ago
>MGS V was advertised as the "new- more realistic way to play" Why are trained super solders being tricked by cardboard titties?

No, it wasn't, and I challenge you to show me the quote with a source.
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DCfan  +   532d ago
This again?
General Shrooms  +   532d ago
people are too sensitive these days
Ark_  +   532d ago
People are bored, that's all.
ShaunCameron  +   532d ago
It's just liberals being liberals.
spartanlemur  +   532d ago
No need to try and argue with these people.

Attempting that is like trying to encourage a missionary to leave your people alone.
Odoylerules000  +   532d ago
Trash article.
Back-to-Back  +   532d ago
High five
Odoylerules000  +   531d ago
O'Doyle rules!
MillionSword  +   532d ago
Uhh the distracted-by-sexy-women thing is a "status effect" which along with Sleep has been a staple of the series since MGS2 via magazines you can set on the ground. I.E. non-lethal stun traps. And since PW the cardboard box's running gag expanded into an all-purpose device that can do anything. This is just the natural progression. God I hate people who complain about sexism in video games.
TongkatAli  +   532d ago
I rather a culture be into being sexual then into being racist scum that just play cod. I see "ewww that's a Japanese game" a lot from racists on the internet. They try to act they aren't racist, but they're.

Go to a table full of black women or asian women, tell them you aren't attracted to them, see what reaction you get, but you wanna act like you aren't racist, ok.
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tanookisuit  +   532d ago
You should see the filth that goes on during live chat, whenever a Japanese developer speaks at a gaming convention. When Kojima was speaking during Gamesscom 2014, the amount of racism in the Twitch chatbox was RIDICULOUS. There were 6 admins in that channel, and nothing was done. Anyways, that's was a bit random, but you hopefully see what I'm trying to say. Plus, I agree with everything you said.
EdoubleD  +   532d ago
Who is this punk? I really don't understand why your kind make non-issues out of every little thing.

This is harmless man...
LightDiego  +   532d ago
Killzoner99  +   532d ago
I find this article racist and think it should be taken down N4G. If these people can't handle sex then they aren't mature enough to be playing these games.
PureSophistry  +   532d ago
This sort of ideologue censorship is deplorable.

Please explain what's racist about questioning the out moded tropes from a different part of the world?

Is it "racist" to condemn female circumcision because it's culturally accepted by the morally bankrupt?

A glib analogy I know, but the issue here is "sex" IS NOT being represented in this game....a 13 year old that just figured out he could pleasure himself would have a more nuanced approach to sexuality.
Gatsu  +   532d ago
Not this again... American games do it a lot too. Does the images on the box really bother someone that much. It's just part of classic Kojima's humor.
I've been playing GTA:SA again after a long time and it got strippers etc everywhere and women dressed like whores. What I'm saying, a lot of games have sexy characters or images, get over it already.

For some reason, it seems people only start complaining when Kojima adds something sexy stuff into his games to lighten up the mood, now may I ask why? Look at some other games like Skyrim, it got millions of nude mods etc. But oooooh Kojima adds few hot images into cardboard box! Oh my...
Scatpants  +   532d ago
I think the problem is more that people that complain about games are inherently crybabies. Try not giving a sh!t, it works wonders.
ShaunCameron  +   532d ago
Cultural confusion since Westerners like the author are culturally ignorant, arrogant and two-faced which is why I don't think Westerners are fit to speak about anyone else's culture.
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WhyWai88  +   532d ago
Because Japanese treat games as what they are, an entertainment which people just have some fun.
Only western game industry have all these racism, feminism bullshit stir up by so call journalist..

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