Microsoft to Host Public [email protected] Event Before PAX

Microsoft's will have over 25 of its upcoming [email protected] games playable for the public.

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nicksetzer11308d ago

Damn, MS isn't playing. Hosting events like that are major mulah, (and commitment) these kinds of moves will definitely produce a lot of interest from devs. Hopefully it's like an E3 for devs who don't have multi-million(billion) dollar publishers backing them.

nicksetzer11308d ago

To clarify, I realize this year it will not be like a e3/gamescom for indie games, I just mean over time.

ScorpiusX1308d ago

Cool we is I could attend.

DigitalRaptor1308d ago

It's a good move to give these games some publicity of their own outside the larger trade shows. Will be interesting to see what they have on the floor.

Will they be announcing anything at this event?

coolbeans1308d ago

The blog doesn't seem to suggest that, but you never know. It's tough to keep track of all the previously-announced games they've had between E3 and Gamescom already so it sounds reasonable those 25 were in the montages before.

MeliMel1308d ago

Thats pretty cool on MS behalf. No games will be left behind at Xbox. Yeah baby...

incendy351308d ago

Wish I could go, I really want to play Below.

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