Assassin's Creed Unity Tester Leaks Other Playable Assassins

Reddit user AlphaNumeralBeta, a verified Assassins Creed Unity Tester, has posted a screenshot from the upcoming game. He writes, "What you are seeing is the structured campaign level list. Each level affords a different location such as Ireland during the Great Famine. Each level then has its own assassin for the area. The levels are wholly coopable from the investigation, to the assassination, to the side missions/diversions.
Players can either join free roam and accompany you into missions, or you can start a mission via matchmaking".


The user AlphaNumeralBeta, who leaked all the info, has deleted his account.

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ArnoDorian1208d ago

Im seeing 6 unfamiliar faces which could mean those are possible future games :)
and im seeing 6 familiar faces


Jaques De Molay is not an assassin, he the last master templar of teh crusades that got burnt by Philippes Le bel of France and then his curse always hunted kings of France until the last one aka Louis XVI when decapitated by the Guillotine, someone sank his finger into the king's blood and yelled: Jaques, you are avenged now and some people claim to have seen De Molay's silhouette. These events coincide with Unity timeline.

OpieWinston1208d ago

If this is legit.

I'm playing as Edward Kenway...Devils of the Caribbean XD.

OrangePowerz1207d ago

Big time. I don't know why people risk their jobs for stuff like that.

skulz71208d ago

If this is legit this could hands down be the best ac game ever made. The whole French revolution with other places and other assassin's. Either this is fake or ubisoft have been hiding a very very big suprise...

starchild1208d ago

Yeah, if true this is pretty huge. I love the idea. I'm already super excited for the game, but this would be amazing.

aLiEnViSiToR1208d ago

WOW this could be a huge step in AC games !

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The story is too old to be commented.