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Happy 23rd Birthday, Super Nintendo

Michael Crisman writes, "The hype was unreal. The tension was palpable. The gaming press couldn’t print information, rumor, speculation, and screenshots fast enough. As the August 23rd release date approached in 1991, the question on every gamer’s mind was simple: “Could Nintendo do it?” After giving Sega a two-year head start with the Genesis, after suffering the slings and arrows of mockery courtesy of Sega’s ad department chronicled in Blake J. Harris’s Console Wars (must-read material for any retro gamer serious about her 16-bit history), how could Nintendo possibly compete in the 16-bit market? The answer: start with software focused on everything Ninten-could-do that Genesis, like M.C. Hammer, was unable to touch." (Retro)

ritsuka666  +   316d ago
One best console ever for sure.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   316d ago
Agreed one of the greatest.

Happy B day Super Nintendo!!
camel_toad  +   316d ago
I remember on my 15th birthday I got a Super nintendo, super mario world, street fighter 2 n pilot wings and got to see basic instinct at the theater. Best birthday ever. Happy Birthday Super Nintendo ;)
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badboyz09  +   316d ago
I'm old~

Those were the Days.
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GamersHeaven  +   316d ago
Classic console for sure so many great games one the best of the 2d era.
R0n0rve  +   316d ago
So many memories with my SNES. I remember coming home to play Zelda every day.
DryBoneKoopa85  +   316d ago
Still to this day the SNES is my favorite console.
ShowGun901  +   315d ago
its up there, still liked my n64 better though, when i saw a demo where they were using the analog stick to make mario run, walk, and tip-toe i knew i had to have this LOL! everything was just so fluid! Back then the ps1 didn't have thumbsticks, and it just felt so old-school to me with just a d-pad.

SNES is one of the only 2 systems i emulate though!
(genesis is the other!) Happy B-Day SNES!
Neonridr  +   316d ago
and it still has a place under my TV, in case I am feeling nostalgic and want to play Secret of Mana or FF2 (IV in Japan). I love playing it on the original console instead of on the VC or emulators..
T1125P  +   316d ago
Loved my SNES. Street Fighter 2 with the SNES Advantage joystick was awesome. Final Fantasy 3, one of the best in the series. Can't forget that pack in game Super Mario World, Zelda a Link to the Past epic. The list goes on :D So happy B-day SNES!!!
maniacmayhem  +   316d ago
The best console ever! Had one of the greatest launch titles ever in Super Mario World, it showed off everything the SNES could do.

SNES will always be a well known classic.
rezzah  +   316d ago
Wow didn't realise i'm old as the Super Nintendo. Smash Bros was at its best there.
drpepperdude  +   316d ago
I have two of them in my closet and about 10 games.
Kevlar009  +   316d ago
The system of my childhood. My first game was a snes game, didn't play it for 2 years after I got it until I was 7. So many fond memories, it was my gateway system.
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nosferatuzodd  +   316d ago
I remembered it well my first snes system,it was raining and in jamaica you can hear the rain on the roof.
We have a tradition,best time to game
Is when its raining.
I was playing super metroids and when I reach at brinstar red soul and hear the music I started to cry tears instanly, it was the most beautiful music ever in a game, thanks nintendo I will play youre game until im 90 even though im also a PlayStation fan nintendo is the only company that inspired me to be a recording artist and a recording engineer I will always be a fan of nintendo people dont know how powerful games can be I'm living proof.
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waltyftm  +   316d ago
Loved my Snes, SF2/Turbo/SSF2, Super Mario World and All Stars, F Zero, Super Mario Kart, Super Castlevania, Super Metroid, Rock n Roll Racing, too many great games to mention, all were pure class.
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BX81  +   315d ago
Street fighter and U.N squadron were my first snes games. Excellent system.
waltyftm  +   315d ago
U.N Squadron was class, forgot how good that was,these aint bad either ;) Super Contra Zelda, Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2, Killer Instinct, Yoshi's Island, .
Whitey2k  +   315d ago
I liked snes and genesis with Mario kart street fighter to streets of rage and sonic
hiawa23  +   315d ago
I still play mine. The color has faded but it still works fine
skoorydook  +   315d ago
23, Man that makes me feel old, especially considering that wasn't even my 1st gen, or 2nd now I think of it
ShowGun901  +   315d ago
my second gen... i had a genesis, but my best friend had a SNES, so i played ALOT of super mario world, mario kart... and the first time i played StarFox, oh man, that was like the future in a cartridge!!! couldn't take my eyes off it! it looks terrible now, but back then, it was insane!
chuck826  +   315d ago
Still to this day the NES and the SNES is better than the Wii and the Wii U

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