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Honest Game Trailers takes a jab at the 'Diablo' trilogy

Role Playing Game (RPG) fans were in for a treat over the weekend when Honest Game Trailers decide to take a jab at the 'Diablo' trilogy. (Culture, Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo III, PC)

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stanr  +   158d ago
Gotta love a good Honest Trailer and they hit the mark with Diablo. Anyone who has played the game will understand the trailer.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   158d ago
Pretty dang solid lol
Relientk77  +   158d ago
I love Diablo, and this was pretty good lol
CYBERHATER  +   158d ago
Spot on but he left out the absence of trading on PC lol
coolbeans  +   158d ago
Pretty solid video this time around. This one and Gamefront's were both enjoyable honest game trailers.
leemo19  +   158d ago
This is funny because its spot on how Diablo plays.
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TheOnlyMastrx  +   158d ago
Haha, great video, I can't remember which others I have seen, guess I need to watch them all.

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