Unboxing the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

An unboxing guide of the new PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset.

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Starbucks_Fan1303d ago

I like mine but wish I would have waited for the white one coming soon

ShowGun9011303d ago

white? what is this magical headset you speak of?
(have to look into that lol)

I have the original ps3 headset (with a mic boom and everything!), still really like it, but these look like they'd store easier due to the fold-up feature... does it still charge with the DS3 usb cable, or does it use the new style that the DS4 uses? i hate having to have a seperate cable JUST for my headset...

vikingland11303d ago

They don't work with the DS3 cable they work with any mini USB cable though.

nX1303d ago

I would trade my black one for this sexy thing as well :S

vikingland11303d ago

I love my Golds, they even work with my XB1.

Stapleface1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Are they just stereo while playing through other devices or does the virtual 7.1 work with other things as well? I'm getting a pair of these soon and my pc also supports 7.1 surround. I hope there is a custom audio setting for Destiny at some point.

CloudRap1303d ago

It only works in passive mode on non PS products. You just connect the audio cable and they will work just good enough but not the 7.1 they would normally output.

Stapleface1303d ago

Thank you KrimzonSnow. Appreciate it.

TomahawkX1303d ago

yup I love mine as well, way better build quality than the old elites which broke on me 6 months in... only complaint is the wireless only works on PS3/PS4. The elites had a cool dongle that allowed wireless on any device with a headphone jack.

nX1303d ago

Wireless works on everything with a USB port, not just PS3 & PS4.

kingPoS1302d ago

It works fine on pc, even with voip.

Gateway MT6706 2008

1nsomniac1303d ago

Has anyone got these working with TLOU it works on every game but the mic just will not work on TLOU at all. Not once since the game was released.

nX1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Maybe it's muted? There's a button on the left side.
Mine works perfectly in every game including TLOU:R.

1nsomniac1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Nope not muted, like I said they work on every other game.

I've tried absolutely everything, mute/un-mute mid game, making sure there switched on before I load the game, make sure its switched on before I switch on the console.

The sound works from them although again the spatial awareness is not as good as on other games especially with the plugins installed. I just don't get any mic working at all in TLOU & never have once since I got the game. It's annoying as hell screaming at people that someone is about to jump out at them but they cant hear me.

The XMB shows its connected & not muted but in-game no matter how loud I shout I get no mic icon pop-up. Whereas any other game the slightest whisper gets picked up.

tdogchristy901303d ago

I really want a decent wireless headset (never owned a headset) for around $150. I liked the plyr 1 and best buy had them for $130 (instead of the usual $180) but they have been hard to come by as best buy says they're being "phased out". I also know some really like the golds but I've also heard some complaints of build quality and sound quality. Plus I'd like something more universal that could work if I ever pick up a xbx1. I would like something that'll last the console generation.

FullmetalRoyale1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I own the gold headset myself. It's my first gaming headset, and it is really fantastic. It has a long lasting battery, and is really light, considering it's something that you wear on your head. At only $99, and keeping in mind the quality of the experience I've had thus far, I would recommend the gold headset.

I use it when I'm watching Netflix too, great for thrillers! Hearing helicopters buzzing around you in BF4 isn't something you can go without once you experience it, imo. You definitely would not regret the purchase.

Edit: I too justified my purchase of the headset as an investment for my ps4. I wanted it to be an integral part of my then "next-gen" experience. My friend also has one, and the only thing we regret is going so long without buying a headset.