10 Games That Will Make 2015 One Of The Most Exciting Years For Gaming

This year’s E3 has come and gone and if there is one thing that all gamers can agree on, it’s that the future of the games industry is bright and full of gaming goodness. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all focused strongly on games at E3, revealing a load of new sequels, re-releases and a fair amount of new IP’s.

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DarkOcelet1338d ago

2015 is going to be epic .

guitarded771338d ago

Half the 2015 games could get delayed, and it would still be epic. Too many 2014 games got pushed to 2015 :/

thorstein1338d ago

2015 delayed until 2016, Confirmed!

Omnisonne1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

yh I recall ppl saying ''2014 will be amazing for gaming'' look what happened lol
Dont get me wrong, despite the many AAA delays there are still some really good titles this year.

I say wait and see, some of those 2015 titles might as well flop for whatever reason, no way to know

ApolloTheBoss1337d ago

Best Gaming year since 2011?

Ezz20131337d ago

2013 was the best gaming year for me since 2009 and 2010

Geobros1338d ago

Interesting list but I would add Splatoon here. It was the surprise of E3.

weekev151337d ago

There are so many amazing looking games not on the list because thre are more than just 10 incredible looking games out next year. Id add Starfox, Quantum Break, Xenoblade and Silent Hills to the list as I believe they are all slated for next year.

Bonkerz1338d ago

Just curious as to how Quantum Break did not make this list. Quantum Break could possibly be GOTY for 2015, that gameplay demo at Gamescom was flawless. Its beyong beautiful, action filled, and story driven being created by one of the most reuptable studios out there.

OpieWinston1338d ago

Quantum Break is going to put Remedy on the map for Award winning studio.

After Max Payne intense Action
Alan Wake phenomenal story telling

Pretty clear Quantum Break will be a perfect blend of the strengths of their masterpieces.

LOGICWINS1338d ago

Yeah, the list doesn't include Tekken 7 either. And likely Just Cause 3. 2015 is so packed with awesomeness that it won't fit on a ten game list!

BiggerBoss1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

I don't know, I just really dont see Quantum Break competing with Uncharted 4 or Halo 5. Not to mention all the OTHER epic games coming next year (witcher 3, bloodborne, MGS5, Legend of Zelda).

But by all means if Quantum Break turns out to be that good I won't be complaining :)

DigitalRaptor1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Quantum Break isn't on this list cause the author obvious wasn't that impressed by the demo that was supposed to leave us "speechless", but didn't.

You could say its demo was flawless on a technical level, but what did you expect? Bugs? Did you expect something bad to happen when they showed mainly basic cover shooting and a scene frozen in time? It was my most anticipated XB1 game and I was expecting so much more from the concept. What we saw was 90% basic cover shooting and 10% adventure-style exploration. I expect the game will be special and hope the next demo they show truly knocks it out of the park, and reignites my expectations. Biggest disappointment from Gamescom in my opinion.

In terms of a feasible GOTY: I'd stake Uncharted 4, Zelda, Halo 5, The Witcher 3, Bloodborne and MGSV over Quantum Break. And who knows… Journey won GOTY in 2012 over a game like Halo 4. No Man's Sky may end up in the same situation. It's certainly more ambitious than any of the aforementioned.

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Snookies121338d ago

Persona 5... That is also coming 2015. Just sayin'.

incendy351338d ago

Replace Mortal Combat with Rise of the Tombraider and that list is amazing!

DigitalRaptor1337d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider, yet you know nothing about it?

I wonder why…

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