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Submitted by pat_11_5 465d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft needs to stop chasing the 1080p carrot

The Xbox One version of Diablo 3 initially wasn’t going to run at 1080p. Microsoft wasn’t having it, but forcing Blizzard to make the game 1080p isn't the right approach. (Diablo III, Xbox One)

iamnsuperman  +   465d ago
"The company obviously doesn’t want to admit the Xbox One is less powerful than the PS4. But it is, and Microsoft should really just let it go. The Xbox 360 was far less powerful than the PS3, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from getting a head start on Sony thanks to a lower price and plenty of great games to play"

That would be a disastrous move. I can see why they are doing it. The want to take the multiplatform sales away from the PS4 and so by doing that they are saying we can do this too (I believe it was one of the major reasons to get rid of the kinect). The 360 was the opposite of this due to its price point and other various factors (for example Sony messing up themselves). They can never admit it nor let it go as losing the multiplatform sale is s profit nightmare (they make money on multiplaform licenses). So it makes sense to chase this "carrot" especially this early on
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ShowGun901  +   465d ago
you'll just see more things like from M$ like:

"it looks beautiful!"
"the same experience!"
"resolution hasn't been locked down yet..."
"most gamers cant see the difference."

from a moral standpoint, stand by your products strengths and make a convincing argument that its weaknesses aren't a deal breaker. but from a business standpoint, NEVER even admit theres a weakness to begin with... Like the old interviewee that says her greatest weakness is "I care too much!" or "I work too hard!"

M$ will get some non-graphically demanding games to hit 1080/60, and be able to hold them up as proof their system can hit that benchmark... however, playing pac-man at 1080/60 doesn't prove anything...


say kinect is fun, say hdmi pass-thru is essential, say you like the controller. but it doesn't run multi-plats as well as the competition. thats the truth. the end. if they hit parity, SOMETHING went out the window, because the 2 systems are not on even ground, just as the ps4 isn't on even ground with a $1,000 gaming rig. But im not trying to say it is.
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KarmaV12  +   465d ago | Well said
Nothing is good enough for you people, everytime you all complain about them not doing something right, then they do it and you still complain and bash them. It's ok to be wrong about something, get over yourselves.
nicksetzer1  +   465d ago
I think considering the majority of games since the SDK have shared parity with ps4, the carrot chasing is over. Obviously the PS4 is more powerful, but xbox one is holding it's own just fine now.
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OculusRift  +   465d ago
^^^^^^ You can't be serious, right?
RustedMan  +   465d ago
Is 1080p/60 too much to ask for? Are we really being that demanding?
KarmaV12  +   465d ago
Remember next time they hit a game at 1080p/60fps, i don't want to see a single complaint. Im sure everyone will say they gave up texture and crap to get there. Give it up, they are doing what we ask them to do, bringing us games that look and play incredible.
Assault9  +   465d ago
lol. carrot.
They are so polite.
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Ju  +   464d ago
It's not 1080/60. By demanding 1080 on the X1 the 60 went out the window. 1080 is easier to sell than 60fps, it looks like.
ThePope  +   465d ago
No matter how much LESS powerful you think the X360 was, it doesn't matter as it was much easier to program for. On top of that you don't get to 80 million sold with a year head start. Plain and simple. Just like Sony this gen MS had a better, clearer message. But as Sony proved last gen you can make a comeback.

1080p doesn't make games great, and no company on earth would ever say their product is not as powerful because A. its subjective, the multi role aspect of the X1 is powerful in itself and B. not everyone cares about 1080p (unless your a Sony fanboy).

All they need to do is keep making great games and awesome features. They don't need to listen to idiots like the author of this article and "admit" anything.
johndoe11211  +   465d ago
Did you just say that a system being more powerful is subjective? Is the xbox one subjectively more powerful than a Sega genesis?
RustedMan  +   459d ago
The problem I have is that by not having games that push 1080p, it sets a very dangerous precedent for other developers. Look at Call of Duty and their incredibly dated engine. They sat with that engine for nearly a DECADE until people were fed up with the game's aesthetics.

I feel that with because the majority of TVs offer 1080p, video games should up the ante and look even better on a big screen.

As the medium advances, and budgets for videogames skyrocket, there is little reason why the average AAA title cannot achieve this standard.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   465d ago
"Microsoft needs to stop chasing the 1080p carrot"
Because it's the only thing PS4 has.

-XB1 needs to do 1080p

-XB1 should not do 1080p

*head explodes*
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CaptainObvious878  +   465d ago
"Because it's the only thing PS4 has."

It has more games, more retail exclusives, a more diverse lineup, better rated games on average and the highest rated game of the current generation among many many other things.

Just because the sales are stinging you hard doesn't give you the right to go round spewing lies.
dirkdady  +   464d ago
Microsoft should go in a different direction like chase casuals. I don't see the Xbox one competing with ps4 on even ground as it will only reinforce what has been happening in the last 7 months where Xbox one sales have constantly dipped lower than any year of the Xbox 360 month over month.
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-Superman-  +   465d ago
Microsoft wont stop chasing as long people are complaining!!!
Its people fault, not Microsoft.
Ju  +   464d ago
As long as sales are 50% behind the competition MS will do whatever is necessary to catch up. It's sure is the customers fault, because they ain't buying.
gfk342  +   465d ago
I agree with the conclusion of the article because this could be dangerous waters for MS.

More specifically, despite the fact that Diablo 3 is not a demanding and despite the resources invested in the optimization of the game (involvement of MS engineers, the use of 10% GPU Kinect), they (barely) succeeded to achieve 1080p for Diablo 3 without dropping to many fps (the fps went as low as 52 fps).

Now this should say something as regards the future of the Xone as a gaming console, considering that games will be more demanding. What will suffer in more demanding games, the resolution or the performance.

If MS plays the resolution card, the strategy will be lost very very soon (in maximum 1 year from now).

Moreover, they will also lose the trust of its clients when they would not be able to keep the 1080p resolution for the future games (due to their complexity).

As a conclusion, in order to secure the future of the console, MS should emphasize its strategy on performance. More specifically, they should say that for them the performance is more important than the resolution and will always follow this route.

This will calm the spirits and the non-stopping hype that is continuously promoted by MS. Now the fan base are accepting this route, but sooner or later (but rather sooner) they will become tired and in the last instance they will attack MS.

I have hopped that Phil Spencer will change something in MS's strategy, but the reality is that nothing has been changed.

They continue to artificially hype their fan base and give them false hopes, if we take into account the following:
- the majority of Xbox fan base can't still accept that PS4 is more powerful than Xbox (approximately 40%)
- the majority of Xbox fan base have hopes that DX12 will be a big changer without accepting that the DX12 is already implemented in Xone' SDK (in reality only the PC will benefit from it);
- the majority of Xone fan base have hopes that the Cloud will be a big changer without accepting that this technology will mainly help with background processing (dynamic clouds vs static clouds; dynamic clouds vs static clouds) and in a small extent the AI;
- the majority of Xone fan base believe that the release of the 10% GPU will make the Xone to be equal to PS4.
- they say exclusive games just to find out in the following months that in fact it was a timed exclusive (DR3, Ryse);
- and more others.

But not only does Phil Spencer not clarify, but he complicates the existent situation by purposely confusing the audience when he said that Tomb Raider will be exclusive for Xone (when in reality is a timed exclusive).

If he is a gamer as he stated he should stop BS his fan base and he should stop fooling the audience. Instead he should be honest and accept that PS4 is more powerful and should say that for him the performance is more important. Also, he should invest their money in new dev studios and new IPs.

This represents an example of the confusing and unclear vision of MS
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strangeaeon  +   465d ago
Wait, the Xbox 360 was "far less powerful than the PS3"? You fanboys crack me up. On topic, let's not throw out 1080p altogether, if a game can run at that resolution without sacrifices then do it.
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BallsEye  +   465d ago
Resolution is not a benchmark for realistic graphics. It's all the simulation going on and Lighting. Resolution won't make minecraft look like real life.
With that being said, I don't get the whole resolution love from fanboys on n4g. If resolution is all you care about, you look incredibly stup!d playing on a console, because nowdays you can easily go above 1080p with a mediacore GPU.

I have a pc with Titan in it, 32 gig ram and 3 monitors connected (need it all for my work) and yet I play mostly on my consoles, because it's not all about pixels on screen. I even dare to say the best looking game I've ever played was on a console and it was running at 900p.
PimpDaddy  +   465d ago
Why do you Sony lovers brag about the performance of the PS4 when it is also underpowered? How many PS4 games run at 1080P and 60 FPS?

Both the PS4 and XB1 cant do games at 1080P resolution without making sacrifices. Just because the PS4 has to make a few less sacrifices does not make it this all powerful console most of the members of this website make it out to be.
Why o why  +   465d ago
Dude, the ps4 is the most powerful gaming console. Whats to argue with

Some overestimate whilst others underplay the differences but the differences are greater than last gen at the moment so if those smaller differences were lauded last gen, why wouldn't larger ones be lauded now..... there was 7 years of digital foundry and lens of truth comparisons...... round 2 I guess
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PimpDaddy  +   465d ago
I never disputed that Who o why. I agree the PS4 is currently the most powerful console on the market. That's not even up for debate.

Regardless. The PS4 is still underpowered if we are setting the bar at 1080P/60fps. I'm not stating that to hate on the PS4. I plan on purchasing one this Christmas to go along side my WiiU and XB1.

I'm just saying that we all need to calm down when arguing about performance of this current generation of consoles. None of them are worth bragging about.

Maybe it's just me. But I get tired of reading the comments of rabid Sony (fanboys) running down Microsoft and XB1 owners just because their console has a "marginal" performance edge.

Can we just enjoy our consoles and our games without rubbing it in the faces of others??
Why o why  +   465d ago
I wont argue with that last bit. I've stated many times..everyone should enjoy their gaming wherever they game regardless of the performance differences. It just miffs me to see some of the same people who loved highlighting the differences, now scream morality now the shoes on the other foot.
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garos82  +   465d ago
i agree with everything you said except "The Xbox 360 was far less powerful than the PS3"
mixolydian_id  +   465d ago
I still don't quiete understand why they decided to deliver a new console at the same time as a competitor.

I think MS shot themselves in the foot (only in this aspect) with the previous vision, they would've had to deliver the product at the same time. Due to the back lash, they turned everything around. If they had just said... "back to the drawing board for a year":

A) they could've re-visited the hardware and delivered a product undeniably more powerful

B) recorrected the product for delivery

C) still worked on the features that are still desired and undelivered.

They were forced on rash decisions, PS4 only has sales to back up this year, the games are lack-luster in my expectations.
MS were already rushing the product out of the door... and it was furthermore rushed out following E3 2013.
If they had sucked up a yrs loses/headlines/reveals... they could've spent the next 8 years on top.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
mochachino  +   465d ago
360 wasn't far less powerful than PS3. It had a more powerful GPU....and was way easier to develop for.
Hellsvacancy  +   465d ago
Lol what 360 game topped or even came close to God Of War 3, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, those games came out YEARS ago

Just when the PS3 couldn't get any better, The Last Of Us came out and cleaned up
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CloudRap  +   465d ago
And yet all multiplats looked and ran better on 360.
iamnsuperman  +   465d ago

That was because it was easier to develop for. Developers struggled with the PS3 hence why Sony, this time around, asked them what do they want. An easy to develop for machine was one of their main targets as they got screwed over for most of(not all) the last generation with only the first party having the ability/time to show off what the system can do
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Steven3657  +   465d ago
@KrimzonSnow at no fault of the ps3
Seafort  +   465d ago
Isn't that the multiplat developers fault for not even trying to learn the PS3 architecture?

Developers can blame the tools all they want but it just means they are lazy or lack the ability and skill to learn a different technique.
Why o why  +   465d ago
To be fair to the 360, the talent wasn't available to push the console throughout the gen. Naughty dog, santa monica, polyphony digital et al may have been able to work wonders on the 360. The multiplats superiority vs console exclusives is kinda tricky to fully judge. In general the top ps3 exclusives looked better than most multiplats. Gow 3, tlou, uncharted 2 and 3 gran turismo etc.
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mochachino  +   465d ago
If people read my comment I wasn't disputing that PS3 was more powerful, just that it wasn't far more powerful than 360...
TheDevKit  +   464d ago
That's because those games are much more linear than something like Gears or Halo.
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ShaunCameron  +   464d ago
@ Steven3657

Actually it was the fault of the PS3. The Cell processor proved to be a nuisance for (3rd-party) developers which is why Sony ditched it upon the making of the PS4.
CervantesPR  +   465d ago
yeah it had a better GPU but the PS3 had this thing called the cell processor that combined with the GPU on the PS3 it was more powerful than the 360 only thing is the power was not utilized to the fullest by 3rd parties.

i thought it was clear for years now that the ps3 is more powerful
epicgrinds  +   465d ago
Apples to oranges but I can still help
Mass Efect 1
Gears 2 & 3
Alen Awake

Apples to apples: here is a list of 360 games that out performed ps3 versions (Framerate or resolution)...
Mass Effect 2& 3
GTA 4 and debatibly 5
Dark Souls All
and COD Goasts & BO2

Have a great day.
guyman  +   465d ago
What is "Alen wake"? and don't you mean COD: Goats?

Thanks, you also have a wonderful day
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epicgrinds  +   464d ago
The fanboy on this site is strong today this was saposed to be a reply to @hellsvacancy comment
@guyman I dont get your joke because I am not very smart. But upbubble for you keeping the polite trend alive.

My day was great. I wish for gamers to live in peace one day like me and guyman who I heard was having a great day too.
tgunzz  +   465d ago
Xb1 is more complex, so MS is jumping in and adding resources to help 3rd party devs equalize the games. PS gamers should be happy, because this means that their versions are not being held back. MS doesn't want parity of 3rd party games to take as long as it did with ps3. Of course 1st party will handle their business... All xb gamers on this site should (IMHO) enjoy all the efforts MS is putting toward xb1 (I definitely do). For any former xb gamers on this site, I really hope that you can appreciate what MS is doing to try and win back your support, and for the PS fanboy(keyword) gamer, I respectfully expect you to hate, twist, and bash anything MS does.. Can people say MS should have done things differently (yes), and Sony/Nintendo have made their share of mistakes, miscommunications, etc. More importantly sony/nintendo never suffered the same levels of disdain as MS (the proof is in the numbers)... I still support sony/nintendo (always will), and I will always support MS. Keep up the great work. Game on.
Lenrulesdaworld  +   465d ago
See the things is they aren't happy cause its not being held back as much anymore with the release of the new sdk. They rather have the rez advantage, so now its don't chase rez when xbox was already capable but never was using the full gpu. If anything ms was holding itself back power wise, people say 10% is nothing but its made a major impact, so they were all clearly wrong.
Axios2  +   465d ago
It's hilarious to listen to this BS

So if during the most intense D3 scenes the frame rate drops to 53fps, this is bad?

What does that say about KZ where the developer dropped the resolution to try and hit 60fps but ended up at 45fps most of the time.

Double standard, lol

Well done to the individual that pushed and help Blizzard reach 1080p with a framerate better than some exclusive first person shooters on another console.

@ Gootimes, try googling "Killzone lawsuit"

@ Gtgamer, my ONLY focus is the hypocrisy going on here, sorry if the truth hurts, but as I said above, if you live in a glass house.... If ppl are going to throw 1080p 60fps stones, then their house better not have anything else, but the vast majority don't meet that standard, ergo my comment.

@ Daniel, Eurogamer already did:

"Given how infrequently we bumped into the issue, even during frenzied sand dune battles with two allied AI players in tow, the issue is surprisingly rare. Most drops tend to be imperceptible, and in the end, we resorted to scanning hours of footage to track most shifts downwards from the 60fps mark. A screen filled with effects-spewing creatures isn't necessarily the ticket to a frame-rate drop - even at its extremes the Xbox One holds up well save for a few choice moments."

@GTgamer, again, I didn't write the article, or submit it, or approve it...just pointing out the hypocrisy from the usual trolls.

Ad looks accurate at first glance, what's your beef?
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gootimes  +   465d ago
KZ dropped resolution? Please explain exactly how they dropped the resolution...

KZ multiplayer uses a technique that "guesses" where a lot of the pixels will need to be, then adds them in. it creates a 1080p image because ALL the pixels end up on screen, even though many are filled in. I wish people would stop spewing garbage about the games multiplayer res.

SonyToo doesn't work here I'm afraid.
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rmw2hot87  +   465d ago
KZSF Multiplayer resolution 960x1080. Playstation fans thought it was 1920x1080 which is native 1080p.
gootimes  +   465d ago
it runs 960 x 1080 one frame, and fills in the rest of the 960 vertical lines the next frame. So essentially they use 2 frames of the 60 frames per second target, to create the 1080p render. It is not the exact image quality of a native 1080p render, but it still displays ALL the pixels on screen for a 1080p image.

Xbox 1 wouldn't be able to do this because they would have to store the previous image on the limited ESRAM. They have to use hardware upscaling which is just ballooning up the limited pixels, rather than replacing actual pixels into the frame.

I am fully aware of the killzone lawsuit, it is funny how Microsoft can do no wrong by saying all their games will output in 1080p on x1, and last gen on their game jackets they said 1080p even though it was hardware upscaled. Yet Killzone actually has all the pixels on screen for a 1080p image, yet they get a troll filing a lawsuit, even though they didn't put "native" 1080p on the jacket for multiplayer. Funny.
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BG11579  +   465d ago
The KZSF single player campaign is 1080p 30 fps native. It's only the multiplayer that this weird 1080i technique.
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mixolydian_id  +   465d ago
To everyone ^^^ thinking bringing the specifics up makes a difference, or makes them sound clever.

I walk around wearing my face in native 1080p.

My friend has a slightly less detailed face, but it "runs smoother".

He was sad his face was not as detailed...So he cooked up a sneaky plan to add a layer of details to his face to make it similar.

He decided to super-impose a picture of a 720p dis-similar cheese sandwich on his face.

His face has "some more" detail now... but it still looks pretty pants in comparison to my face, which is legit.

What my friend did was clever... but it was indeed cheating... his missus thinks he's pretty... but she knows not to compare his face to mine... afterall, I am a "model"
GTgamer  +   465d ago
I love how you focus on Sony Games but not XBOX because we have DR3 which runs at 720p and can't stay on 30fps or should we talk about Ryse which is 900p and still can't stay on a constant 30fps and etc..but yet you bring up KZ soooooo many times like Xbox games have been able to do better ಠ_ಠ your soooooo full of it.
DanielGearSolid  +   465d ago
Fact of the matter is...

Diablo couldn't get to 1080p without taking a performance hit on x1

Ps4 version does it just fine.

Why are u trying to compare KZ:SF to Diablo on X1 instead of comparing Diablo on Ps4 to Diablo on X1 ?
Evilsnuggle  +   465d ago

Michael Jackson had a lawsuit against him for having a child with a woman he never met . What is your point ? I have tried to explain to the xbonefanboy that Killzone SF is in 1080P 60fps on PS4.

The technique that GG used is called Temporal Reprojection . Also this is not a new technique it has been used in other games.

Temporal Reprojection take a older frame of animation and combine it with half of a new frame of animation. All before rendering the frame. To make a brand new frame of animation 1080P . This is all done pre rendering so combining to frame and old frame and a new frame . Each of two frames are is 960x1080 combined 1080P all pre rendering not upscaled.

Temporal Reprojection is all before rendering the frame of animation no upscaling. Upscale or upscaling happens after the frames of animation has been rendered. Upscaling is stretching or adding additional pixels to the frame of animation after rendering of that frame.
Killzone SF use no upscaling or Interlacing .

Here is a article explaining the process. I very much doubt you're interested in reading it. No most xbonefanboy just want to spread lies. In attempt to make x1 look some how in their minds better.

I find it hilarious that you keep comparing Killzone SF a full 3D first person shooters to Diablo 3 a 2 year old a 3D top down game. Killzone SF has some of arguably the best graphics on consoles or PC. Also I love Diablo 3 it's a wonderful game super fun. But it no graphics powerhouse . Any weak laptops can run Diablo 3 in 1080P 60fps. I can't believe that X1 is having trouble running that Diablo 3 in 1080P . It speak volumes on how weak the X1 is.


Killzone SF frame rates runs a average of 54 frames . Even high ultra pc with high end GPU drop frame rates. Sometimes no matter how powerful Ultra pc GPU games drop frame rates sometime because of poor optimization by the developer. This is a moot point.
#3.4 (Edited 465d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
GTgamer  +   465d ago
"If ppl are going to throw 1080p 60fps stones, then their house better not have anything else, but the vast majority don't meet that standard, ergo my comment."

Here is one of MS's beautiful ads would you consider them hypocrites too or does that only work when you wanna bring down Sony\(-_- )
tastas21  +   465d ago
LULZ just buy a ps4.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   465d ago
Yep, I did just that for the amazing exclusives. Unfortunately, my PS4 can't play the amazing exclusives available on the other consoles so I'm buying them as well.
OldDude  +   465d ago
Buy a WiiU, it has more 1080p/60 games than both combined. Better yet, if you want to brag about graphics, play a PC. Console gamers shouldn't brag about power.
_sleeves  +   465d ago
"I’ve played games such as Titanfall and Battlefield 4, neither of which run at 1080p on Xbox One, and I honestly couldn’t care less."

Agree with this. Yeah, top of the line graphics are great and all but it's the content/gameplay and mechanics in a game that are going to bring me back again and again.
bababrooks  +   465d ago
Word sleeves!!
Spid3r6  +   465d ago
Just looked at the side by side comparison to diablo and it looks the damn same. The experience is the same, deal with it.
Immorals  +   465d ago
The 1080p 'carrot' is something both consoles need to drop. More importantly, it's something fanboys need to drop. I've had more fun on timesplitters 2 than any 1080p 60fps console game.
Dontworrybhappy   465d ago | Bad language | show
98xpresent  +   465d ago
They were forced to
Peternorth  +   465d ago
What xbox needs to do is stop worrying about insecure,self entitled,bandwagon,crybaby fanbitches and do there own thing. Most of the same people that are bashing ms this gen are the same ones that bashed sony last gen I hated it then and I hate it now can't stand a fair weather fan
OldDude  +   465d ago
Speaking of insecure, what does it matter to you what the X1 produces graphics at. Your PS4 is a joke compared to a well put together $600 gaming rig.
Peternorth  +   465d ago
Don't know where in my comment u got that I was bashing xbox but u have no damn clue as to what u are talking about I have all 3 and a high end PC.
bababrooks  +   465d ago
Truth is tech console has that covered! ;)
Izzy408  +   465d ago
The only reason people don't want to drop the 1080p argument is because every time the PS4 achieves that resolution and the X1 doesn't, it reassures them that they do in fact own the most powerful console.
#11 (Edited 465d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
bababrooks  +   465d ago
Every time? I heard there was a court case going on regarding published specs that were false might be my memory is foggy though!!!!!!!!
Quicktim3  +   465d ago
sorry but they dont have a choice

all this press about resolution and framerate has forced them to parity.

mostly by digital foundry which does nothing but start flame wars.
mcarsehat  +   465d ago
So you are telling Microsoft to stop chasing the same carrot that the moronic majority of gamers nowadays only care about chasing?

Good plan
n4rc  +   465d ago
Well.. I completely agree they should stop worrying about 1080p.. Its only one part of what makes a game visually. Before scalers, it was more of an issue..

And I don't think they were really forced.. Performance barely took any hit which means they were incredibly close.. Because some want to make such a huge deal about res, they decided avoiding the issue was worth the occasional 4-5fps
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   465d ago
I've yet to see this "performance hit" the X1 version of Diablo 3 has.
Lenrulesdaworld  +   465d ago
100% agree, no issues yet. Why because 4-5 frames is not noticeable in game.
bababrooks  +   465d ago
Same same bro...
incendy35  +   465d ago
Diablo III is 1080p and 60fps on both X1 and the PS4. Only difference between the two is X1 does multitasking during game play. Maybe one day PS4 can match the performance though.
gootimes  +   465d ago
PS4's superior hardware may have something to do with it...
horndog  +   465d ago
What a stupid thing to say. If MS can provide the gamers with higher resolution on their games I only see that as a gain for all xbox 1 gamers. It comes out of their expense and not ours. That's like trying to say if you can't quit smoking than don't try or how about a drug addict?? If you can't quit doing drugs than don't bother going into rehab. Sounds plucked up doesn't it. Yes go for 1080p on my games if it can be achieved. Sounds like ponies getting worried that they will have less to boast about on their ps4.
Ctiboi2010  +   465d ago
Damned if you do, Damned if you don't.

When the Xbox division pushes a game to it's limits critics wil ask "But I thought 1080p didn't matter!!!!" E.G Diablo 3

No one ever said it didn't matter, the point was it isn't everything in a game.

When the Xbox division doesn't try to push the game to 1080p the critics say "OMG see I told you Xboners the Xbox One was weak and outdated!!!!"

So what is the right move? Do people want Phil Spencer to tell everyone the PS4 is superior in every way? What business would do that? That is an insanely unrealistic request from any company, not just Microsoft.

Realistically I want the system that can provide me with the highest quality games (which is subjective obviously), the most fluid user interface, and the most features. Whatever system that provides that for you should be the one you choose unless you want a purely dedicated gaming system. The Xbox One is not for you if that's the case.
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castillo  +   465d ago
I say give no quarter , cause no quarter has been bestowed to them. Fight and demand MS never give up or compromise.
Morgue  +   465d ago
I was actually talking to a friend about MS today and they're not chasing carrots. They've dropped the ball so hard. Wasting money on Tomb Raider, GTA thing. The money that these ass hats are pissing away could be used for so much and they don't even know it. Money can't buy love, happiness and it sure as shit can't buy consumers but maybe I'm missing something?

Forget about 1080p and just make some damn games.
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Morgue  +   465d ago
Of course I'll get disagrees because what I said is complete nonsense but who really cares. Diablo?? Really?? I thought only people who gamed on a PC play that? Maybe I just don't care because in the end it is only just a game but gamers need to chill out over petty crap such as this. I honestly can't even believe I'm wasting my time commenting on my own comment.
Quicktim3  +   465d ago

D-riders  +   465d ago
People sound silly saying I could care less about my game running at 1080p, with tv's running at 4k. It sound ridiculous. That's like saying I have an HD TV but I don't care if my games are hd. I'll take ps2 graphics. Shut up.
Spotie  +   465d ago
They sound even sillier when you realize most of the ones that don't care now were crowing about having slightly better sub-HD graphics last gen.

Did everybody forget Mafia II and how important that grass was?

Now it doesn't matter. Now you can't talk about it, cuz if you wanted good graphics, you would have gotten a gaming PC.

Thing is: Microsoft had a lot to do with that last gen. Why, now that they're gonna be behind all generation- do they get to back out?
GeraltofRivia  +   465d ago
PC gaming is not as expensive as many people think. You could run games at 1080p, 1440, 1600p, etc... if you want and you don't have to worry about the constant back and forth of is this game going to be 1080p 30fps, 900p 60fps, 1023.75p at 35 fps, etc...... Hardware for (parts) for a gaming pc might be somewhat expensive at first however pc games are usually cheap to extremely cheap (new in box, digital, after a weeks, from random sales on Steam and Greenmangaming)
KNWS  +   465d ago
xb1 already does 1080p for months now they aren't chasing anything. Wolfenstein, Sniper, Diablo all 1080p. Crew, Destiny all going to be 1080p when they come out. I honestly couldn't care less about 1080p as long as the game looks beautiful.

The fact Ryse was 900p and 30 frames at launch with 10 per cent of GPU locked for the devs. For me says the x box 1 isn't weak at all.

Just imagine how better Ryse would have been with the latest SDK's
quenomamen  +   465d ago
No doubt brah, it would be what like a rock solid 910p ?
imt558  +   465d ago
Quote :

xb1 already does 1080p for months now they aren't chasing anything. Wolfenstein, Sniper, Diablo all 1080p.

Yes, at what costs? Especially in Sniper 3 and Diablo III. Btw, Wolfenstein has dynamic resolution on Xbone and PS4 and Xbone version drops in sub 1080p more often.

and Sniper 3 :

I aslo expect marcofdeath will come here and start eSRAM, PS4 bandwidth, DX12, dual GPU crap.
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quenomamen  +   465d ago
Chasing a carrot that they had no problem running after last gen. Now they have a bad knee and arthritis ( weaker hardware ) so the carrot seems less edible. If it was the other way around and they had the better hardware you bet your sweet ass they would be chasing that carrot down like Usain Bolt.
Tedakin  +   465d ago
Okay for 8 months it's been nothing but "LOL Xbone can't do 1080p!" Now that they're trying and at times achieving it's "Xbone shouldn't try to do 1080p." They can't win.
lemoncake  +   465d ago
Good to see Microsoft being proactive and putting resources into helping make 1080p happen with third party developers.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   465d ago
Good to see MS wants 1080p for the games but if the XB1 can't do it and cause performance problems then 900p is the best option.
Artemidorus  +   465d ago
They gave you 900p you moan, they gave you 1080p you moan.

What is it you clowns want??
headblackman  +   464d ago
they aren't chasing 1080p or a carrot as he so put it in a screwed up manor. microsoft is simply pushing these lazy developers to do their jobs. no more! no less!
voodoogts  +   464d ago
Lol 8 months in ps4 can't support external hard drive and dnla

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