Top 10 Final Fantasy Games

Which games in the main Final Fantasy series dominate the top of this week's top ten? From Final Fantasy V to Final Fantasy XII, 411's Mike Minotti ranks his top ten Final Fantasy installments in the latest edition of the 10th Hour!

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fork3836d ago

Eveyone agress FFVI is the best

I hate FFVII. FF went extremely bad after FFVI

Eveyonme know that. Anyway i wanan know how many people like FFVI. What your favourtie FF

ki03653836d ago

VI is the best, followed by X.

XII worst by a mile

darando3835d ago

i agree 12 is the worst by a mile and maybe 11 but i do like my mmo's but i never played....

but my fav is 7 just coz it was my first

GodsHand3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

My list in 1-10

(1) Final Fantasy VI
(2) Final Fantasy X
(3) Final Fantasy VII
(4) Final Fantasy IX
(5) Final Fantasy IV
(6) Final Fantasy V
(7) Final Fantasy I
(8) Final Fantasy II
(9) Final Fantasy III
(10) Final fantasy XII ( I prefer 12 over 8) sorry 8 you did not make my list, nor eleven.

I did buy part X-2, but seriously disappointed, really offered nothing to the story of part 10.

coolfool3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

But my list out of the ones I have played is:

2. FF X
3. FF VIII - Not sure why people don't like this, I thought it was great.
4. FF IX
5. FF VI
6. FF III -
7. FF XII - The presentation was good but the story had zero depth.
8. FF X-2

mintaro3835d ago

3. FF IX

havent played much more than this

darando3835d ago

my list and reasons

1. ff7- my first one(first RPG) and i just fell in love with it

2.ff10- great story, nice graphics, just a great rpg

3.ff9- bring in the old roots which i didnt no much about, did enjoy but it was ok

4. the classics- even thoguh i have only played 1 and 2 and i wasnt a big fan but there better than other

5.ff8- only rason i dont like is that i am the lvl 100 and i can only hit like 3000-4000 ish (and yes i have better than the first wepons) only thing i liked about this was how u equiped gfs (summons)

6.ff12- very disoppointed, h8 the fighting system (why change everyone loves the old one)and the story well the basic of it(im like only about 10 hours into it) has been done 1 million times,

how many times have we seen an orphan want to be come a rebel and how many times have we seen 1 contry get involed in some1 elses war

mintaro3835d ago

really? cuz i can do 9999 on most enemies