Zombie DLC coming to GTA V?

The Official PlayStation Magazine just released a preview of next weeks edition featuring a list of titles with zombies such as H1Z1 and The Walking Dead. It just so happens that this list also includes Grand Theft Auto V.

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98xpresent1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

lol I guess

It can't be a typo

KendrickLamar1367d ago

Hehehe it would be Killzone: SF all over again.

But if this DLC is anything like the RDR zombies DLC then I'm sold.

b163o11367d ago

RDR+Zombie's=A match made in heaven? or Hell?..... it's a good a*$ match.

TheSaint1366d ago

There is a question mark after GTA V so it's the same speculation based on code found in the game.

CloudRap1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Would be awesome although the game's easter eggs seem to point to some kind of alien invasion dlc, either way it will be great.

DonDon1367d ago

Zombies are laziest form of dlc ever derived in gaming. Slow moving hordes of unarmed morons being used for easy target practice is hardly ever a motivated idea. Can't they think of something we haven't already seen done a million times before? I have like a dozen games with zombie modes in them and they all feel the same.

CloudRap1367d ago

I beg to differ have you played undead nightmare? easily one of the greatest dlcs ever.

KyRo1367d ago

What? The Walking Dead plays nothing like Dead Island. House of the Dead plays nothig like COD zombies. PvZ plays nothing like RDR: Undead Nightmare... Just cause there are zombies in games doesn't mean they are all the same.

Rebel_Scum1366d ago

I agree with DonDon on Zombie dlc being the laziest form of dlc. Undead Nightmare was good but Zombie dlc/expansion has been done before by Rockstar.

I would rather get something more original from them than Zombie dlc again.

DonDon1366d ago


I am not dissing games just for having zombies. I'm saying that "zombie modes" suck for being lame horde modes. Wtf does Walking Dead have to do with this? Just because it has zombies doesn't mean it applies in this case. I'm talking about mere zombie "modes" which typically involve nothing but unarmed mindless hordes. Man, some people make correlations where there are none...

Porcelain_Chicken1366d ago

Slow moving he says lol xD Clearly you've never played Red Dead's Undead Nightmare dlc. It was way more than just a "horde mode".

As KrimzonSnow above me already mentioned, it's easily one of the greatest dlcs ever released. It had a nifty little story and drastically changed the atmosphere of the world. New weapons, mounts, hunting missions clearly not a lazy cash grab.

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Felis_Rufus1367d ago

Seems legit but the question mark on the cover seems to point at uncertainty.

iamnsuperman1367d ago

Yer they maybe talking about rumour more than revealing something. The question mark is the most telling part of that

BattleReach1367d ago

Probably an article featuring the rumor from a few weeks ago.

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