Running CoD 4 on low-end hardware

Benchmark results for Call of Duty 4 run on slow/HTPC hardware.

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IzKyD13313812d ago

lol, with console gaming, all you need is an HDMI cable and the right TV and your good to go, PC gaming requires more coin

iceice1233812d ago

It's true it does cost more to be a PC gamer. You can't honestly deny the fact it takes more than 350+$ to make a PC to run COD4 as good as the 360.

andyboy133812d ago

You stated a PC costs a lot more coin, but, you also said you need to hook you console up to the right TV. Well aren't the right TV's about $1000 or a lot more? well lets see $1000 for tv plus $400 for console, last time I checked you can build a pretty darn nice pc for $1400.

Don't take that as a flame
I am just trying to prove that both sides of the fight are expensive to do correctly

Kami3812d ago

yeah you could build an nice computer with that but you will also need a nice moitor with a high resolution(at least 1680x1050)and som espeakers for it and thatsanother buck there

Panthers3812d ago

A medium gaming PC costs a lot more than a console, and that is with everything taken into account.

A 32" Sony Bravia from Walmart costs $685 and is really nice. That is what I am getting next. So that is a lot less than you said.

Charmers3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

@Kami I don't see how that is problematic you can pick up a 22" monitor that does 1680 x 1050 for well under £200 . The cheapest 720p television I have seen retails at £300 so that is 100 more and a lower resolution.

@Panthers that depends, I built my quad with 8800gts at the same time as the PS3 was launched in my country. The PS3 was launched in my country with a price tag of £425, I built my quad with 8800gts for £500. So no having a PC rig that can beat these consoles can easily be done on a budget.

That isn't the only extra "hidden" cost with consoles. There is the small matter of game prices. With the price of console games being ridiculous at £40/£50 a go I for one am glad the PC exists because I can pick the same product up for £10/£15 less. I buy at least 1 game a month, over a year that means I save £150 over a five year period my gaming will have cost me £750 less on the PC than it would on the console.

You see this is the thing with a PC you pay for the parts and that is it but with a console you NEVER stop paying for it. In the short term a console always looks "cheap and cost effective" however in the long term if you buy a lot of games the console route proves to be the most "expensive" route to take. I have no doubt I will get a few disagrees because I have stated the obvious, but ther you go.

poopface13812d ago

Pretty much everybody wants a computer, pretty much everyone wants a tv. If you wanna play games you can add more to a computer that is kinda expensive already, or you can buy a console and connect it to your tv. Yes HD tvs cost money, but most people are buying HD tvs already, and most people will have a tv regardless of if they want to play games. Most people will not have an awsome computer unless they paid more initialy for that pc or build it themselvs.

My example: In 2005 I bought a decent pc with a crappy integrated grafix card. I paid 100$more for a used card so I could play CS:source at high settings. Thats 1100$ for a pc that cant play a year old game with full AA or AF. last year I bought a 360 for 350 and a 32 in 1080i plasma for around 500$ tahts less than I paid for my pc, and the 360 can play games better than a 850 computer could back then and today, cause most people dont build there own computer unless their more avid gamers on it, and even their likley to pay more than 850 to have the cutting edge pc that they want. I didnt buy a HD tv for my 360, I bought a 360 and a hd TV cause I wanted HD movie/tv/games(yes Im talking about upscaling my dvds not hD DVD).

IzKyD13313812d ago

i guess i hurt alot of PC gamer's feelings with my comment....

andyboy133812d ago

I agree you can get cheap tv, that is like getting a $300 computer though to game with. A proper hd tv, not a no name brand made in nowhere, is going to cost you some money. playing on a sd tv is like playing in 640 x 480. I bet a lot of crap computers can play most games well at that resolution. All I was trying to say is, you can go crappy on both sides of the spectrum. Hell, my dad has a runco 3 chip dlp projector, I still prefer a pc. Just a matter of personal opinion
$40 8600
$49 asus mobo
$40 for 2gb decent ram
$55 320gb hdd
$75 e2100 c2d 2.0ghz
$55 antec 300 case
$25 dvd burner
$50 ocz 500w power supply

Oh wait, that is cheaper than a console and would play any game really well. Also, like was said, for hd, $220 for a 20" 1680 x 1050, so, don't say pc gaming is soo damn expensive when in reality, it isn't.

I didn't throw in a mouse because that is like buying another controller, otherwise add in $30 for a decent ocz optical gaming mouse, oh no.... $20 more. It's all personal preference. Don't take this as a flame, I am just trying to prove, you can game on a ps3, a xbox 360, or a pc for about $400. Take your pick.

gta_cb3812d ago

"$40 8600
$49 asus mobo
$40 for 2gb decent ram
$55 320gb hdd
$75 e2100 c2d 2.0ghz
$55 antec 300 case
$25 dvd burner
$50 ocz 500w power supply"

a couple things you wanna change in there lol, the CPU is [email protected] and so is the graphics card.

need a decent CPU like the E4700 c2d 2.4GHZ that E2100 isnt actually a c2d its a pentium dual core.

secondly the graphics card should be something like the 8800GT. i have a 8800GT and my mate has the 8600 and i ALWAYS have such an advantage compared to him when running games, and i am even using Windows Vista and he is using Windows XP.

andyboy133811d ago

GTA, I know you should have those upgrades, actually, that 2100 can hit 3ghz on average with a arctic cooler freezer 7. This was just to prove that you can dive into pc gaming for the same price as a console.

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Silogon3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

It already was on low end hardware, the xbox 360.

-SIXAXIS-3812d ago

So, I guess Call of Duty 4 still won't run on my laptop.

gk073812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

just get a job and save your gil i did and im lovin my new joint pretty fucckin sweet i can run everything on high under win xp and 1.2 i hit disagree on accident

poopface13811d ago

where do you live, in Midgar or some [email protected]? How many battles did you fight before you had enought gil for you computer?

Ricdog3812d ago

PC games, for ever!

consoles suck balls.