15 Greatest Side Missions of All Time

Developers try their best to make the experience of a game as memorable as possible by means of providing the user with the most ensnaring and engaging of story lines. But many a time, it is the side quests that provide the best experience that makes you delve into the experience of the game.

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scark92944d ago

Came here to see if Whodunit was on the list :D Happy :)

thorstein943d ago

Is it? 15 clicks is too many for me to look through. The site should have 3 pages for this, 4 pages, tops.

CloudRap943d ago

The hangover quest in skyrim, classic.

PiNkFaIrYbOi943d ago

Shouldn't this of been more of greatest side quests of 7th/8th generation or something. Since it really only has games from those two generations and stuff. Though we know that there were some better ones at there from the 7th gen in our opinion at least.

943d ago