Developers already have motion-sensing PS3 pad

VG247: According to a GamesIndustry story, developers are already in possession of the motion-sensing PlayStation pad - unofficially named "The World's Worst Kept Secret" - and apparently it's made of pieces which break apart.

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jkhan3836d ago

Interesting, I wonder if Guerrilla or Insomniac uses it in there upcoming game?

Will-UK3836d ago

I wonder whats games will use this motion pad

Jamie Foxx3836d ago

after playing mgs4 and now reading this sony aint messing they are really are taking no prisoners

TOSgamer3836d ago

that Sony was working on a "transforming" controller and that Resistance 2 would use it. Good idea but they really should of released it earlier and eliminated the Dual Shock 3 altogether. Now having 3 controllers on the market at %$50+ a pop is bound to cause confusion and some backlash from consumers.

uie4rhig3836d ago

i am sure that i have seen a 'break apart' motion sensing controller for the PS2.. it was from a peripheral developer.. i just can't remember which ... it was like, the DS2, but then whenever you needed, you could break it apart in the middle, and use it e.g. for climbing a ladder.. or playing tennis with only one side.. it was quite a cool concept.. but i just can't find it any more, i think i saw it on the website of in2games.. but i can't find it there any more either..


DrWan3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

With all due respect, I disagree with the buddy above me.

Edit, ops my post came too late, i mean my friend on comment 1.3

I think on the PS3, there are room to use more than one controller set. It depends on how they design the motion controller, because it may not have all the buttons you think it may have (You will be surprised when you find out).

So some games, especially classic PS1 and PSN games still work the best with the normal DS3, this is also the reason nintendo has their classic controller as well.

Much like other peripheral, i think it is realistic for Sony to release this controller with a set of casual games in a new SKU (probably also include one DS3) and display in malls like Nintendo did. So ppl walking by can pick up and play and buy it.

Future games that makes use of this controller can be a packaged deal as well much like Eye of Judgment for camera and Head set for Warhawk.

Then of course they will also be sold separately

uie4rhig3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

in2games Fusion demonstration: http://dl.uksites.futureus....
Computer and Video Games paid a visit:

it was in fact from in2games!!

marinelife93836d ago

If they make a star wars lightsaber game with 1 to 1 motion control for light saber battles the world will beat a path to their door.

FPS first person sword fighting ftw.

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Bebedora3836d ago

Actually, I have thought this and that secret game comes together.

GodsHand3836d ago

So is this the transforming controller thats was talked about? Just hope it's not a flop. Could see some interesting games that will take advantage of this peripheral.

jtucker783836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Great! A shovelware magnet that snaps into two shovelware magnets.

Can we leave the Wii-mote to Nintendo please?
On most games it doesn't actually make a significant improvement to game play.

Condoleezza Rice3836d ago

Can you tell me what color the controller is?

jtucker783836d ago

the one I'm talking about or Sony's controller?

Condoleezza Rice3836d ago

Sony's controller,since it's "shovelware",you must have used it and thus seen it to make such a conclusion,correct?

jtucker783836d ago

"Sony's controller,since it's "shovelware",you must have used it and thus seen it to make such a conclusion,correct? "

Erm.... Not correct.
May I refer you to my previous post.

A shovelware magnet, not shovelware.

So this product will attract no shovelware at all?

Condoleezza Rice3836d ago

Ahh,I see I see.But what if I told you Uncharted 2 was going to be using this new controller?

jtucker783836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )


maybe then I'll change my mind. :-)

Seriously though.
I like the IR pointer in the Wii-mote.
Pointing is good.
The use of the IR within the bounding box of FPS
Metroid and MoH2 actually works well too.
But accelerometer motion controls on the other hand. I haven't seen them used well... ...ever.
If any Nintendo bods know differently, I'm happy for them to prove me wrong.
I just haven't seen it myself.

To me the Wii mote isn't very good motion control - it's swipe then watch the move that it is translated to on screen.
See swiping the tennis racquet in Wii Sports.
Sword in red steel and Zelda
Lightsaber in Force Unleashed.

It just isn't that good.
But then again perhaps Sony will have improved accelerometer technology, we will see.

(Maybe the Wii accelerometers are backward like the hardware, so maybe Sony accelerometers will be current gen... ;-)
Just kidding - don't k1ll me fanboys.

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DJ3836d ago

I like motion sensing the way it already is, in the Dual Shock 3. If it's better than the Wii-mote though...

Mr.Mister3836d ago

no its not its only have six axis(the name of the controller)to move
its not accurate
it cannot detect if you move forward or backward
it does not detect if it rotate
you cant really use it in a shooter to aim LIKE the wii mote is doing

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