Sony Says They're Looking Into Crippling PS4 Glitch

Sony tells Kotaku they've "made progress" toward solving a PS4 glitch that has prevented some users from buying or playing games on their new PlayStation consoles.

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jujubee881309d ago

Hardware can never be perfect. Just ideal for a purpose(s).

Dlacy13g1309d ago

Sounds less like a hardware issue and more like software to me.

jujubee881309d ago

Technically, a network hardware one (server to client side). Either way, nothing is ever really perfect in technology. That's the point I was trying to make.

donthate1309d ago


Without having the ability to inspect and debug this error, I highly doubt it is a hardware issue. This is likely a software issue, but a rather odd and nasty bug.

UltraNova1309d ago


Hence why I prefer console gaming. These systems are around long enough to be optimised to near perfection (look at the ps3 aside from its hardware limitations like the ridiculous amount of ram)

Dontworrybhappy1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

I swear the PS4 has DRM. Every time I load up my PS4 and try to start TLOU it shows a lock symbol in the corner and says something like checking license or some shit. Does not bother me though, was down with Microsoft's all digital vision in the first place.

LoTuZ1308d ago


Aliens have perfect technology.

warczar1308d ago


Digital games are fine and dandy, locking me out of said games if I don't have an Internet connection is a dick move.

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lonelyplayer1309d ago

Only imaginary stuff can be perfect...

jujubee881309d ago

That is strangely profound. :P

DeathOfTheFanBoy1309d ago

You don't have children do you.
When you do, you'll know what perfection is.

pedrof931309d ago


That is so ... weird.

Volkama1309d ago

Can only assume deathofthefanboy has imaginary children. Which is a bit creepy.

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jujubee881309d ago


Yeah, this is true. But, the keyword is "near perfection".

There is not going to be as much "bugs" as say a PC or mobile hw/OS/network, however there's going to be bugs from console to console. Someone that doesn't get this bug; there's a another that does, and that is just how it goes sometimes. Lowering the ratio of people that have bugs to those who don't (to near zero) is the best a console maker can hope for.

gman_moose1309d ago

Wonder if they're making any progress with sound not working when coming out of standby mode. It's really frustrating to boot up the system and have no sound, then have to reset it.

Locknuts1308d ago

Think I'll go plug my SNES back in. Plug and play baby!

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Killzoner991309d ago

This is hardly wide spread and has only affected a very slim amount of people. Nothing like Kotaku to sensationalize a very minor problem to make Sony look bad.

Spotie1309d ago

They're just continuing what they did last generation. Nothing to see here.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1309d ago

I had no idea this was even a thing -_-

Most issues I'm having with my ps4 is the IGN app which glitches regularly. And sometimes the live streaming thing glitches.

LackTrue4K1309d ago


Actually, to me/on my PlayStation 4...that app works great!!!

Miles better then there homepage and much MUCH BETTER THEN THERE VIDEO PLAYER.

MRMagoo1231309d ago

I would have a hard time calling it crippling as well lol what an odd choice of words they use to get hits.

BX811309d ago

Killzoner did you read anything? No where in the article does it state that most, all, or majority of ps4 users are having this issue. In fact they use the same word as the sony rep, "some". They didnt sensationalize anything. Its an issue that some ps4 gamers are having. If anyone is making "Sony look bad", it would be sony. Not someone who writes an article about the problem and uses the same wording as the sony reps do.

deafdani1309d ago

There's absolutely nothing in the article, or in the headline, that suggests that this is a widespread issue or anything. You're just getting carried away with your blind hate towards Kotaku.

The headline is correct. This bug is indeed crippling for the PS4... for those few unfortunate people that come across it. Kotaku is just reporting on a Sony statement regarding this issue, so why are you being so defensive here? Damn, calm your horses, not everything is a witch hunt!

HiddenMission1309d ago

That's a sensational title...are the consoles bricked or unplayable...nope so not crippled by any means. Is aren't feature not working yes...can you still buy and play's called go to aren't dawn store.

So again crippled no which makes the title sensational.

Rocky51309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )


So what your saying is if my digital games don't work go buy the disc based versions :-/ really, just really.

So if I spend £300 on 5 or 6 or more games via PSStore I'm just to deal with my console not allowing me to play them & go & spend another £300 on the exact same games but on discs so I can play them.

Get real, if my console doesn't play all the games I bought its bloody crippling.

As you PS fanatics always say the PS4 is made for gamers & games come first, well in this case they don't because they don't work & some people (maybe millions we don't know) are having this issue where they can't play there purchased games.

Analogy time.

Look at this way, your car stops working, it starts but it doesn't move, according to your logic, this isn't crippling, as all that's happened is the car has lost a feature, but going on your logic we could get out & push the car so all is fine.

The question is this should we have to, no we shouldn't, the car should work just like the PS4 should play games we bought.

deafdani1309d ago

@HiddenMission: I seriously can't believe you really wrote that. I mean... seriously?

If a console doesn't allow me to play my digital games, YES, IT'S CRIPPLED. The other way around, too: if a console doesn't allow me to play my disc games, only the digital games... YES, IT'S CRIPPLED.

A bricked console that doesn't allow me to play games at all isn't "crippled"... it's a DEAD console.

There's no sensationalism on this article at all. Get out of here.

user95589031309d ago

Like n4g did with the extremely small amount of xbox one's with a cd drive issue at launch?

Remdih1309d ago

Yeah, unless it happens to you. I bought Diablo 3 and the game either freezes or shuts my ps4 down completely. I tried everything, even other disc. None of this helped. I was looking forward to play local coop, yet I can´t get the game even started. I remembered it happened to me with War Thunder after some patches too. I downloaded it and after like 10 seconds it shuts my ps4 down. Nothing is helping. Other games - disc, digital - are unaffected.

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memots1309d ago

Can't buy a game .. Crippling !!!?

ok .. first world problem ?

isarai1309d ago

it's crippling the system, not the user, otherwise that'd be freakin nuts

KwietStorm1309d ago

Crippling, pertaining to usage of a PS4. Clear and obvious context.

ovnipc1309d ago

I don't have many problems with the ps4 my only 2problems is that some times saves don't upload to cloud. But my biggest problem it's with the psn store most of the time does not opens, i hate that. Took me longer opening the psn store to buy diablo 3 that what it took the game to download.

memots1309d ago


Thanks for that literally made me laugh

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