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You Won't Believe How Mind-Blowing GTA IV Looks With Custom HD Texture Packs & Mods

DSOGaming writes: "GTA V is almost upon us and while the PC version – alongside the Xbox One and the PS4 versions – will feature better visuals than its original version, it’s still unclear whether GTA V vanilla will be able to beat GTA IV modded. And today, we bring you some new images from GTAForums members that will leave you speechless." (Grand Theft Auto IV, PC)

NukaCola  +   39d ago
Looks great. I want to see this on GTA V. IV was so terrible, all the polygons in the universe couldn't save it.
Scark92  +   38d ago
I really enjoyed GTA IV, I completed it twice :O
BattleReach  +   38d ago
Me too.

Great story, fun shooting and driving, realistic graphics at the time (except for the animations and NPC models).
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AliTheSnake1  +   38d ago
The game didn't come out yet (on PC).
Brace yourselves. Remember how many annoying articles about GTA 4 and skyrim's texture packs and skin mods we've been getting ? well, they're coming back, big time.
The funny thing is that every time one of these article pops up, which still happens every week. The title is usually very similar to this.
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mattdillahunty  +   38d ago
"You won't believe how many articles on GTAIV mods dsogaming has posted since they have nothing else to talk about."

a more accurate headline.
JackStraw  +   38d ago
still looks like the same old dull gta 4 city, just with more detail. wow!!!!!!
psman012  +   38d ago

I found the animations in IV to be fantastic, thanks to NaturalMotion's Euphoria engine. I think IV was one of the first games to actually use it.

As for the mod, the texture quality and water shaders are fantastic, but it's lack of proper lighting and shadows makes it very flat looking.
Feralkitsune  +   38d ago
Ballad of Gay tony was worlds better than nico's story.
Alex_Boro  +   38d ago
I loved GTA V but IV was okay. Missions were annoying and repetitive in IV.
The_Infected  +   39d ago
Dang 6 years later and we're still going on with this game? Yes it's a much prettier same game.
Back-to-Back  +   38d ago
All the mods in the world couldnt make GTA IV good.
Psychotica  +   38d ago
Doesn't need them, it was a great anyways..
ShinMaster  +   38d ago
@ Back-to-Back

Mods are not what make a game great. A good game is a good game no matter what. Garry's Mod is great. But Half Life 2 is not great because of Garry's Mod. Far Cry 2 had a far more expansive creation kit and didn't have nearly the success. Why? Because Far Cry 2 wasn't as good as Half Life 2. It’s like saying Star Wars is the greatest series ever because George Lucas keeps putting out new and "improved" editions.
Software_Lover  +   38d ago
Yet it's still ridiculously hard to get over 30fps with this game. Rockstar really did a disservice to the pc community.
AKS  +   37d ago
This isn't the first time a Rockstar PC game has had some problems.

Max Payne 3 was fine, but most of the GTA games are disproportionately demanding. I had a lot of bizarre resolution problems with some of the older GTA games as well. It seems like there isn't much effort put into optimizing the PC versions of many of their games.
XtraTrstrL  +   38d ago
Talk about photorealistic.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   38d ago
Looks pretty damn solid
KionicWarlord222   38d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
ajax17  +   38d ago
Wow. I can't wait to see what they can do with GTA V
Spotie  +   38d ago
Yes, yes. Mods.
Paprika  +   38d ago
All this peasant talk Is epic. A guy working in McDonald's can sink 5k into their PC.... while a lawyer owning a ps4 makes him a peasant lol.

Last I was checked, PC's are just over powered with nothing to truly use it with 7 years on and gta 4 looks great sure. I love these images. However I am a gamer, I am in awe of current PC visuals, today.... I am in awe of ff9 on ps3 for looking so good still on my 60" TV.... I still love Mario tennis on n64 over any other pick up and play sports game....

GTA 4 was epic 7 years ago on ps3/360... its been modified by an open platform years later....great! Consoles will always supply sufficient visual prowess for the current time, and will consistently bring classic experiences to us.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   38d ago
No Pedestrians though.... looks like a lifeless baron world.
Dynasty2021  +   38d ago
Mod for a game released years ago makes the game look better than almost any game coming out, and all console games.

*sigh* PC. How I love thee.
GamingTruth  +   38d ago
all console games? lol
Daniel_Potter  +   38d ago
Good job, you lost an argument, decided to make up stuff and spread misinformation, insulted me, and blocked.
GamingTruth  +   38d ago
misinformation? or truth turned lie by way of pc internet logic and pc internet truth? i'd vote the latter.
solar  +   37d ago
LOL that is priceless Daniel_Potter!! +1
wannabe gamer  +   38d ago
i dunno why ppl say this game has performance issues. Ive played it on 4 different PCs i built myself and it always runs fine. with and without mods also i have never had performance issues. this is on low to ultra high end machines too so its not like every PC i tried it on was a Beast.
marioJP87  +   38d ago
Daaaaaaaamn :-0
DirtyPimp  +   38d ago
serious question: is this possible on next gen consoles? like a fallout with these graphics?
GamingTruth  +   38d ago
to me these graphics dont look that great so id say very much so
Vegamyster  +   38d ago
Probably if you don't mind the game looking like a slide show :p
Akarogg  +   38d ago
Kingdomcome247  +   38d ago
I, admittedly don't know all that much about the technical side of graphics. I,know the terms but I don't have knowledge of their implementation. I, want to learn, but can't get anyone to explain these things. When I say that I can't tell the difference between a native 1080p resolution vs. an upscaled one it's the truth. I, acknowledge there's a difference, but my eyes haven't been trained to see it, nor do I know what to look for. This is akin I imagine to someone who has never had quality beer or wine they don't truly appreciate the difference because their taste buds haven't been trained. These screenshots looks incredible to me, but no-one else seems to be impressed. Why? What am I missing? I'd really appreciate it if someone would explain it to me.
Jrmy84  +   38d ago
Highly doubtful.
psuedo  +   38d ago
I did not like the story of GTA 4 that much, but I did like the realistic driving physics. Fun was to be had online.
Consoleslateagain  +   38d ago
Yo you have to admit even though KionicWarlord222 is a troll he's funny as f#ck
MadBo  +   37d ago
Made me chuckle, especially how quick people are to bite!
thricetold  +   38d ago
Yes yes its very pretty. Still doesn't change a drab game into some masterpiece. It's no fact but the majority of fans on most forums thought it was a dull boring game. Updated pixels haven't changed it.

Really excited for 5 on pc though, with the improved gameplay I can't wait to see how mods transform the world.
stefan771  +   38d ago
This is how new gen graphic should look
GamingTruth  +   37d ago
that would be a step back
gigoran  +   38d ago
This story, and more, here LIVE on.... "STUFF WE KNEW 3 YEARS AGO!"
IVIRxTOMBSTON3  +   37d ago
What I never got was that how can these random modders make the game look THAT GOOD, but R* can't? Why can't they make it look like this on release? I'm very confused =P
wannabe gamer  +   37d ago
its not that they cant. its that these results you see are not something that can be achieved on any machine so to make it like this would really eliminate a huge amount of customers. plus even if you can run it that doesn't mean it will be stable. pushing the limits like this make crashes and glitches and just overall stability more of a problem. not saying that it cant be played at this quality but its just harder and requires usually a really good PC.
ever wonder why you see screenshots but usually not video of the same thing in action?
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bunfighterii  +   37d ago
Screenshots, but is the game playable like this?

That'd be amazing.
RondoMachete  +   37d ago
If this is how gaming is going its pure mind blowing...

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