First Free Hyrule Warriors Update to Bring New Game Mode

Twinfinite writes, "Hyrule Warriors will be taking a bit of a different approach, as the first free update for the game won’t just be bringing any old patch but rather an entire new game mode."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1208d ago

If they've changed their mind on their decision to not bring online co-op to the game, despite saying they wouldn't, then I think there's going to be a lot of celebrating on release day in the states...

I'll be getting the game regardless, though.

DryBoneKoopa851208d ago

Same here! Really looking forward to Hyrule Warriors!

ZoidsRaven1208d ago

They should add a new difficulty mode, the hard mode doesn't look that challenging. 7_7

Summons751208d ago

You unlock a 4th setting after beating the campaign.

ZoidsRaven1208d ago

Yo again. 7_7

I see, didn't know that tbh.
I still have my concerns, but I'd like to be wrong about this game's difficulty.
I'm sure by the time you reply, I'll have found some gameplay of the mode, but can you link a video showing this mode giving a (at least half way) competent player a challenge.
Video length is not a problem.