Low End Steam Machine Beats The PS4 And Xbox In Specs, Features, Performance And Price

The CyperpowerPC Steam Machine beats the PS4 and Xbox One in specs and price, especially comparing what you're getting in the package for the same price as Microsoft's offering and for $100 more than Sony's offerings.


Please keep in mind games on consoles has nothing to do with this article, this article is about specs, performance, features and price

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98xpresent1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Consoles will always win in the exclusive category.

nX1209d ago

PS1, PS2 and PS3 all had many great exclusives that I would consider "must have". From Spyro & Crash to God Of War & Shadow of the Colossus to Uncharted, Demon's Souls and Journey these consoles were packed with countless high quality games. Steam is great but I wouldn't want to miss Sony's first party releases.

UltimateMaster1209d ago

PlayStation has always had a great amount of bad ass exclusives that never ceased to disappoint me in any given generation.

Performance-wise, it is the most powerful of all consoles.
Granted, when you spend 2000$~4000$ on a device, you'd expect to have more power than a 400$ one.

SilentNegotiator1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

"$500 PC beats Ps4/Xbone in hardware in some categories, features (once you buy yourself a copy of Windows), and loses to both consoles in price"

Fixed. BS article title.

Mr Pumblechook1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Article update says "Please keep in mind games on consoles has nothing to do with this article."

However with a headline like "Low End Steam Machine Beats The PS4 And Xbox In Specs, Features, Performance And Price" it has obviously been written to invite 'lively debate' about PC vs consoles, cheeky!

rocketpanda1208d ago


Steam machines run on SteamOS, which is free. So in terms of price it is still a cheap option. Although I want to see like for like comparisons in performance with multi platform games. Quoting specs always looks good on paper.

SilentNegotiator1208d ago

You'll be missing out on 99% of PC games without Windows, though.

XBLSkull1208d ago

PC will always have the power advantage, but the best game franchises are on consoles. That isn't to say PC doesn't have some great games you can't get anywhere else. I own all 3 myself PS4/X1/PC so I can play everything I want to. Anyone who limits themselves to one platform is doing it wrong, especially if that one is a PC - you simply don't have the option of playing the best franchises.

darx1208d ago


Boy are you wrong!

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MrSwankSinatra1209d ago

Actually no they don't because it's subjective topic. Each person has their own preference.

mixolydian_id1208d ago

Looking at the games people started highlighting above.
People speak of Ps1 like is was the holy grail of games... IMO, it wasn't.

I always found Nintendo were the best back then.

Street fighter was amazing back in the day. Tekken was a total dive for years. Smash bros in a totally different way, still kicks it's arse. Thats just one genre.

Only games I ever looked towards the PS1 for were Final Fantasy and Metal gear solid, endorsed exclusives to be fair.

Its definitely down to preference, many will disagree with mine ^^^

With regards to the steam machine. Although these units are great and are working towards truly allowing developers space to create their games (Everyone else has to conform to limited specs etc).
They aren't going to offer the same services. For playing games im sure they're great, but they won't do much far from it for a while... how will they deal with cloud compute?

Nothing is replaceable so in a few years time... like a P_C... you'll find yourself looking for a new one.

As for services, you won't get famed, EA access or PSnow, 3D blu-ray, external support, skype, DLNA support, xbox controller, PSMove, Occulus, Morpheus, Marketplace, Trophys and achievements, gamertags... the list is ENDLESS.

Might as well just invest in a PC... if you have one already, get an upgrade (graphics card, ssd, Motherboard/CPU)

As you can tell, Im very much two-track minded on the steam box idea.

marloc_x1208d ago

What on earth could make a console experience unique again?

clmstr1209d ago

Being a PC-only gamer at the moment (getting a PS4 soon), I agree. Right now, consoles have a wider variety/choice of different games of different genres. That's why I'm getting a PS4, it has all the games I want to play that come out in the near future.

Eiffel1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

What are you talking about? Consoles are still missing entire genres compared to PC.

Stapleface1209d ago

I have a ps4, and when I look at the Library available of ps4, versus what's on pc, I'm actually looking at it right now. Your absolutely wrong. That's not even an opinion. It has far less variety/choice of different games. The ps4 library will never touch the size and amount of game types that Steam has. It just won't be around long enough. I can't argue the last part of your statement as it's your opinion. But to say there is a wider variety to choose from on ps4 is delusional. Ps4 hasn't broke 1,000 games(not even close). Steam has over 3,000. AAA, indie, some games I don't know where they sit, in any genre you can think of,a genre or two that you will barely find on console..

clmstr1209d ago

Where did I say PS4/Xbone have more games of different genres than PC? I clearly said "consoles". That means I include both PS3 and X360 in this list. Of course current gen consoles are not able to compete with PC in terms of games genres right now.

starchild1209d ago

That doesn't make any sense. Do I have to buy all the consoles to compete with the PC? If so, I guarantee you are going to spend a lot more buying all the consoles than any decent PC.

You only talked about getting a PS4 anyway. Now you're trying to act like all the consoles beat the PC together. That's not what you said originally.

IF you are getting PS4 to enjoy some of the exclusives I think that is a good idea. That's what I did. But it's for the exclusives, since 90% of the games coming out on PS4 are games that are also on PC.

mixolydian_id1208d ago

Sounds like you made your mind up ages ago...

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joab7771209d ago

It depends on what u want. With access to steam and mods for your favorite games.

Let's say u have a PS4 and now u can buy and cheap Steamboat to get access to PC gaming. Thats perfect scenario to me.

I could never understand how they were going to compete with and much less powerful machine for more $. Ppl who want to spend $800-$1000 will buy a PC.

fredrikpedersen1208d ago

I'm sorry... but "Steamboat"?

breakpad1209d ago

now with their steam let them go play Bloodborne

kingduqc1209d ago

There is over 22 000 games on pc. The biggest console library by far is the ps2 with shy of 3000 games. Ps4 and xbone don't even have in total 300 games each as of right now and most of them are on pc.

So yeah. "meh"

shysun1209d ago

22000 games on pc since last year?!? o_O

DualWielding1208d ago

But the steam machine only plays natively games made for Linux which are mostly indies

mixolydian_id1208d ago

They're clearly having more trouble pushing the consoles this time around.

Games are late and sparse in number.

Hence why there's so much deliberation.

The reason the last generation dragged on was because the consoles were actually totally sufficient just power deficient. The corporate business's ran out of new ideas ages ago... they're all looking to "new media" to push their devices. Ask yourself what features from this gen couldn't be implemented last gen?

Just how can you please an 80 million strong user base with some new that's sure to catch on?

What really annoys me is that they're all taking such a gamble on things like.

Dualshock touchpad (fecking wank)
Kinect 2.0 (Had to be released after to redeem the first)
Wii U touch screen (no more nunchuk wankery, just the pleasure of beating your friends who're completely distracted by the screen)
Project Morpheus/Occulus (VR is another gimmick smh)
Illumiroom (Won't work because of differentiating colour palettes within your own room)

Sigh.. it's not getting any better, Im becoming more and more disappointed with this generation of consoles.

UnwanteDreams1208d ago

All those 22000 games and less than 300 worth downloading. I bought into the PC bs last year and I'm still wondering what I was missing. Dont take me wrong PC has some cant miss games but nothing that worth spending more than the price of a PS4 to play. Just my opinion.

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Chrischi19881209d ago

Lol no, this is purely based on opinion. I for one know many, who wouldnt game if it wasnt for the RTS genre or most MMOs. To call a Starcraft, Warcraft, Dota, League of Legends, Command and Conquer, Diablo2 (D3 first, too), Counter Strike, Quake, Sim City, Age of Empires, World of Warcraft and Anno or all kinds of strategic games any less important for gaming is a pure joke. PC gaming defined the so called online gaming. It was there a decade before consoles. Not trying to bash consoles, I love them, but if I read such nonsense, I cannot hold back. Some of the greatest games are only on PC. This is purely subjective of course, but then also say so.

BG115791208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

People are seeing this the wrong way and aren't asking the right question.
If PC is so doing so well, why is Valve creating systems that follow many of the consoles directives?
Anybody dares to answer this question.

UnwanteDreams1208d ago

If console gaming went away PC elitists would be screwed. You think PC gamers could support the gaming industry enough that it wouldnt crash? I dont.

Corpser1209d ago

Consoles? All of them combined together? It's not like one console can play the exclusives on other consoles

spoonard1209d ago

Not to mention every PS4 title that is released works on EVERY PS4. Will EVERY PC title released work on that Steam box for the next 7 years?

Another thing about the PS/Console comparison is the amount of power needed on a PC to achieve the same results on a console. The ratio is not even close to being even.

Seafort1209d ago

Does every PS1, PS2 and PS3 game work on the PS4? And will all PS5 games work on all the other Playstations? :)

All PC games work on the PC platform. The consoles can't even compare to the amount of games on PC as they don't have any backwards compatibility.

This is why you are getting milked with these remastered versions of 2+ year old games on new consoles.

tee_bag2421208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

You all some games running at 30fps with dips working?

UnwanteDreams1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Meanwhile they are still charging money for games like System Shock on steam. How old is that one?

DoctorJones1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )


And Sony are selling ps1 games on their store, how old are they?.

What's your point?

Oh yeah I forgot, you don't have one.

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geddesmond1209d ago

Yeah true some of my favorite series are only found on consoles. I never really gamed on PCs for the fact that a high end PC takes up too much space, i suck at playing Keyboard and mouse and they can be real expensive and really easy to mess up if you have no knowledge about PCs like I do but if the steambox does what it promises they I might buy one for multiplat games.

frostypants1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Stop trying to make the Steam Machine happen. It's dead, people. No one is going to buy this. We all know it. Seriously...who here will buy this? Don't lie, now. Yeah, that's what I thought...consolers will buy a console and PC gamers will buy a real PC. Nobody asked for this. Nobody wants it. It solves no problem and has no market.

jholden32491208d ago

I'm not arguing that I would buy it, but can we please stop using the 'nobody asked for it' excuse? Almost all my favorite games are games that I never asked for. Almost all my favorite consoles are consoles that I never asked for. It's not their job to wait tables and take orders of what we want. It's their job to create something new and enticing that they anticipate we will want. And maybe we will, maybe we won't. But if platform manufactures only made what people ask for can you imagine what kind of gaming environment we'd be in right now?

People only ever ask for the same old thing over and over again. Thank goodness they know better than to just make what people ask for.

frostypants1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

@jholden3249, fair enough. But that doesn't change my point that it solves no problem and has no market. Sometimes a product no one asked for succeeds because people didn't KNOW they wanted it. This is not such a product. The fact that I got 8 disagrees but no cogent counter-argument other than yours (which was good) kind of proves my theory that the only people hyping this are PC gamers who think it will bring a new audience to the PC gaming community, which clearly won't happen. Otherwise, I'd have expected some PC fanboys to jump in and insist that they'd buy one...but they know they won't. People WISH the Steam Machine would succeed...but they can't give a good argument for why it won't fail miserably.

1 year from now no one will be talking about the Steam Machine. Hell, hardly anyone's been talking about them for 6 months now.

gapecanpie1208d ago

It said Steam Machine which is based on Linux which is free....

your argument is invalid...

As for games exclusivity that's a matter of opinion and personal taste....

As of lately I find PS4 games so far to be very boring/crappy and now more famous games that are actually good are coming over to the pc like MGS 5 and Grand Thief 5 which were the only games I was looking forward to on the ps4.....

UnwanteDreams1208d ago

Thank god I game on consoles. I cant imagine waiting that long to play gt5. Thats just sad.

Vladplaya1208d ago

Exclusives, the "go to" console fan argument. Sad thing is, PC beats consoles even there heh

ShaunCameron1208d ago

Too bad the PC doesn't have exclusives of importance, though.

Dr Face Doctor1208d ago

Well they certainly aren't winning that category in terms of quantity.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

"Low End Steam Machine Beats The PS4 And Xbox In Specs, Features, Performance And Price"

And? Console gamers will be console gamers as PC gamers will be PC gamers. Besides I believe consoles get about double the performance due to dedicated hardware vs same hardware in a PC.

Besides I like PS4 exclusives better than any other platform. That's just me though.

Torque_CS_Lewith1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I am genuinely curious to find out if you feel the same way when Xbox and PlayStation are being compared. Why does it seem that this logic only applies when PlayStation is being compared to a superior hardware device?
Why is it not okay that one person prefers Xbox over playstation because of whatever reasons that they have like exclusives, controllers, network ect.

I am NOT trying to start a console war, I'm just kind of fed up with people who only become logical when it suits them, not that you are one of those people. But I am fairly certain that a number of people that I agreed with you definitely do fall into that category.
I really am just tired of people who go on and on about hardware specs and resolution and frame rates and as soon as the superiority of PC is brought into the picture people start talking about console exclusives and blah blah blah.

Stop moving the goal posts.

Dirtnapstor1209d ago

When it's all said and done, side by side, everyone knows both consoles provide some great gaming experiences. Console wars are good with respect to pushing developers, but really as consumers, its just a fun pissing least for the sane gamers. Does one console have a step up? Yep. And I like that. Makes for a better industry in the long haul.

RoninRaven1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@Torque Finally someone that has brain cells left. I really don't care about these pointless flame wars but NOTHING can change the fact that both Sony and Microsoft launched obsolete machines for this generation ans no matter how many exclusives they'll have it won't change that. 4k resolution will be the norm in a few years for even mid range pc and right now consoles struggle with 1080. And if resolution doesn't matter why is it that every time someone compares the x1 with the PS4 this topic always comes up. Nobody talks about exclusives then.

GamingTruth1209d ago

because im here, my reason for bringing up exclusives is cause to me they look better than anything on pc out or coming out, thats my reason

starchild1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Yep, you nailed it. This is one of the things I hate most about many of the users on N4G. The degree of their goalpost-moving and hypocrisy is astounding.

When the PC is brought into the picture suddenly graphical fidelity and all the other strengths of the PC don't matter and it's all about subjective things like exclusives preference. But somehow they don't apply that same logic when it comes to people preferring an Xbox or Nintendo console. They can't just let those people be.


You should change your name to GamingDelusion, because all we see coming from you is delusion. I have a PS4 and the two best-looking games on the system are Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Son, both of which I own. They are definitely very nice looking games, but they don't beat the best looking games on the PC.

As far as upcoming games on the consoles, well they aren't out yet. We don't know how the final games will look on our screens and we don't know how other future games will compare. There are lots of upcoming games that haven't been announced or shown yet.

All I know is that, while some console exclusives last gen were very nice looking, none of them compared to the best looking games I played on PC. I don't think anything is going to change this generation in that regard.

gapecanpie1208d ago


I only see Sony fanboys do this as they can't accept the fact there is hardware far more superior then there outdated ps4 ... Which make them look very insecure...

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Daniel_Potter1209d ago

I doubt that the majority of pc gamers started out on pc
Do you find it weird how steam has just 25 million users back in 2010, and suddenly in 2014 they have 75 million users?
Do you really think that those that joined between the 2010-2014 period are complete new to the gaming industry? Obviously they all migrated from console. And i can understand that
Valve doesn't charge people to game online. They provide insanely huge discounts for games. PC gaming provided gaming from past, present and the future, what i mean is backward compatibility, which Sony decided to patch out. Anyone remembers greediness of Microsoft, how they decided to release their console a year early and most costumers got a RROD? As of right now, most games on these next gen consoles are remasters. Pretty sure that would make some people make the switch.

Seafort1209d ago

Valve doesn't own the PC platform. They are just a store front for digital games.

I admit that Valve has supported PC gaming more than Microsoft ever have and MS own the OS we play on which says it all about MS supporting one of their own platforms.

I started out on consoles with Sega Master System. I only got my first PC in 2001 but have been playing PC games ever since along with all Playstation consoles to play their exclusives.

I have never had an Xbox console and never will.

I have been with steam since they first started though because of Half Life 2.

KillerResistance1208d ago

Double the performance? We PC gamers had 1080p 60fps locked for the longest time now, we're already in next gen, my old 2010 graphics card is as strong as xbox one graphics. Dedicated Hardware just means u cant upgrade it to something better meaning u have to buy a whole new machine to go to next gen while i just have to upgrade like ONE part

Theo11301209d ago

Can you plug in a M/KB to this thing? I just want to play dota on it.

xtremexx1209d ago

into the steam machine? i would think so since its technically a PC.