Sony Santa Monica’s New PS4 Game to Use “Industry Leading Animation,” Both MoCap and Keyframe

After the layoffs back in February Sony Santa Monica finally seems to be getting back into a hiring trend, with six developer positions offered at the moment of this writing, and a new career opportunity ad seeking a Senior Staff Animator/Motion Capture Expert gives a glimpse on what you can expect from the animation of the studio's upcoming game.

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Abash1209d ago

"Sony Santa Monica’s New PS4 Game to Use “Industry Leading Animation,” "

I never expected any less from them.

darthv721209d ago

If it IS Kratos...they need to get Stig back. he did good work with that IP.


At Darth, Cory Balrog, the director of GOW2 (the best GOW , longest one and which has most bost battle in any game) is back on GOW2. Stig was doing another project but his studio was dismanteled.

darthv721209d ago

Thanks plastic, yeah gow2 is my favorite so no worries about gow being in good hands.

I_am_Batman1209d ago

I really want it to be a God of War game. I can't imagine what they could do with the franchise on the PS4.

@Plastica-man: I agree they should let Barlog do the next God of War. On the other hand it would break the tradition of having a new game director every game which resulted in a lot of great games so far.

Timesplitter141209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

"Both mocap and keyframe"

that's... been expected from pretty much any non-indie video game studio for the last 10 years.

I don't want to be a party pooper but this article is either extreme click-bait or the author really does not know that the requirements described in this job description are very, VERY standard. He probably thought "Whoah, mocap AND keyframe? That sounds like a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo. Imma make an article about it". MoCap and Keyframe are used by almost every studio, big or small.

Of course they'll use terms like "Industry-leading animation". It's a job description. They're not going to say "meh we just want some average animator". Job descriptions are always like that.

Did anyone actually read the article?

Enemy1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Cory Barlog put out the best God of War, which was 2. He's directing the next God of War. Also, they're working on another game (not the one that was canceled, which was Stig's game).

ABizzel11209d ago

I want it to be God of War, but I also want it to be something completely new.

If it is God of War, I want it to be a completely new mythology Norse / Egyptian, or multiple ones as they try to take over the fallen Greek Mythology (I believe this was Jaffe's idea).

nX1208d ago

Am I the only one who considers GoW3 the best God Of War? Every moment in that game was awesome, I was so entertained from start to finish that I directly started another playthrough. Some of these bossfights are still unmatched masterpieces.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1208d ago

@bloodborn. I thought 2 was great but 3 was f'ing EPIC!! It was non stop awesomeness. The hades fight is my absolute favorite.

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colonel1791209d ago

I was going to write the same thing!

The reason I think it's God of War is because of keyframe animations. GOW 3 was made entirely with them.

C-H-E-F1209d ago

ive been slacking on my kratos, haven't played any of the handhelds... Saw there's a sale for the collection on vita... but my vita backlog is already deep enough smh

nycgamer4ever1208d ago

Get it. They were really good GOW games, especially Ghost of Sparda.

C-H-E-F1208d ago


Yeah, I folded and bought it, it was a bargain. lOl. I actually just got around to ModNation Racers yesterday and I must say... It's just as fun as it was on the PS3. Also, that game Unit 13 was really good as well. Really looking forward to walking dead season 2.

imchuckbass1209d ago

That must be why every single game is 4K 60fps without fail

Timesplitter141209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

This post just goes to show you that people really don't have the slightest idea of what "mocap and keyframe" are.

I guess the PS2 was a supercomputer, too.

scark921209d ago

Animation is truly fascinating to me,
I remember when Resistance Fall of Man came out, I once set up a split Screen match and just watched the movement animation of the Chimera!

Clunkyd1209d ago

Expected from Playstation as always.

LOL_WUT1209d ago

Always striving for more got to love that ;)

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1209d ago

As expected coming from a top studio

guyman1209d ago

I don't understand how you could get disagrees, you're stating a fact.

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