Stephanie Lemelin (Sunset Overdrive, Black Ops 2, Wonderful 101) joins Metal Gear Solid cast?

It looks like actress Stephanie Lemelin will play a role in an upcoming Metal Gear Solid game - presumably The Phantom Pain.

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DefenderOfDoom21156d ago

Is she REGGIE LEMELIN's (ex goalie for BRUINS) daughter?

Yi-Long1156d ago

I wish they would just include the original Japanese voices as an option.

Pozzle1156d ago

I just looked it up on wikipedia and yep, it says she is his daughter.

Nyxus1156d ago

I wonder what her role is. Maybe just something small.

scark921156d ago

Sniper Wolf maybe, It looks like Psycho Mantis will be in the game, or so a similar character! but from one of the trailers it looks like a young psycho mantis is a type of Alma character from Fear, which I hope that is the case.