8 great games that take forever to get to the fun part

GamesRadar - There's nothing like cracking open a new game, settling in for a nice gaming session… and then waiting hours upon hours for the game to start getting good. Games nowadays try to tell ambitious tales, but sometimes forget that they're also, you know, games--and all you want to do is play them.

Or sometimes you're able to jump right in, but the game just isn't fun until you've invested several hours trying to learn its structure or gaining the right items to make things interesting. Even the greatest games can take ages before it feels like your adventure has actually begun. Here are some of the worst offenders.

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BrandanT1371d ago

The game I think took the longest time to pick up was Tales of the Abyss. The game was amazing but it took forever to get to the good part.

DarkOcelet1371d ago

Oh yeah i remember the first part of okami , it was so goddamn pissing me off with that voice , it was painful but i loved that game so much , and honestly i loved roxas part in kingdom hearts 2 , the guy was a total badass and i hope we get to play as him one day , not ventus even though he was cool but roxas was just badass . i didnt have an issue in mass effect 1 beginning it was great and i am used to long conversations thanks to metal gear and i am one of the few who still think it was the best in the series . Dark souls , ah , what can i say except that it was epic , no tutorial , i had no internet at that time for a month and it was an epic journey from the start to finish and i hated that dragon in the beginning :( lost over 20000 souls because of him . And finally about final fantasy xiii , i didnt hate it , i thought it was great but far far away from being amazing like final fantasy xii was , that open world from the beginning , i have never been so immersed in a game that much in my life at the time , after spending 1000 hours in final fantasy xii , i thought xiii was abit letdown with all the damn trapzahedron grinding and spent only 120 hours in it so it was a shame because i expected more .

ab5olut10n1370d ago

AC3, played through the whole damn thing, never did get to the fun part

scark921370d ago

I think the board games were the fun part for me xD

360ICE1370d ago

Glad I'm warned about Persona 4. Just bought it.

And I absolutely agree on Okami, KH2 and especially FFXIII

scark921370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

KH2 was first my KH and I loved the beginning story with Roxas and Co! It has been a long time all since I played though!

thezeldadoth1370d ago

super paper mario took way too long, i agree with skyward sword

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