Sony Cancels Many inFAMOUS: First Light Pre-Orders Due to a "Technical Error"

Apparently a few wires were crossed at Sony, and the company is now sending mails to customers that pre-ordered inFAMOUS: First Light mentioning that their pre-order has been canceled due to a “technical error.”

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AndrewLB1367d ago

I don't recall ever hearing about pre-orders being canceled for a video game except in the event of a company going bankrupt. And in those instances, they explained WHY they were canceled.

What is strange is how Sony is not giving an actual reason why these cancellations are happening. The "technical error" excuse sounds like complete BS. I hope their servers didn't get hacked, compromising customer and payment information.

harrisk9541366d ago

What the hell are you talking about?

Michiel19891366d ago

you preorder online, it goes into their system. Something went wrong with that system, preorders cancelled.

You dont have to doomthink everytime a mistake is made....

1Victor1366d ago

I'll have what Andrew is having with a crack on the side wall.last time I check computers aren't infallible or perfec..............a error have deleted the rest of this comment summit a ticket to Microsoft. error # 102837575684858478584737583929 348894893884484939487

LeCreuset1366d ago

Bwahaha! Oh, man. The desperate. It's... it's too much.

Come on, son. Bankruptcy and server hacks? Have you gotten so desperate that you'll try to insert those last two hopes for a PS4 fail you're clinging to into any conversation?

xer01366d ago

Dude - I think your imagination has totally gone with the faeries with this one.

There's nothing strange.

Sony have even provided a free costume for Fetch.
Anyone who has pre-ordered will receive it.

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SoapShoes1367d ago

Meh, you can just pre-order again.

Abriael1367d ago

Looks like many can't. It shows for them as purchased.

Transporter471367d ago

So if its purchased you can download it lol

Sm311M3Fart1367d ago

Not in this case. There is no option download it. In transactions history there is an expiration date as purchase date. Not able to purchase it again. Hope Sony will resolve the issue by launch date.

KUV19771366d ago

I noticed that too yesterday. I saw the PreOrdert in the store as 'bundle' and wondered why it wasn't marked as 'preordered'. It is not in my library but preordering again does not work either, because 'i already purchased it'. Just a couple of days to go SONY!

BX811366d ago

Damn that sux. Hope sony fixes this before launch.

Stapleface1367d ago

I'm sure some will defend and some will freak out. Neither is necessary. Every company makes mistakes. EVERY company.

uth111367d ago

But It wouldn't be N4G without extreme overreaction!

700p1367d ago Show
ATi_Elite1367d ago

Not Valve!
Not Northrop Grummen
Not Waylan Corp.
Not Apple (according to the delusional people at Starbucks)

T2X1366d ago

Nor Weiland-Yutani! Oh uh well.....

Christopher1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

lol @ Northrop Grumman.

I used to work on developing a Intranet site that tracked the many infractions and fees owed due to the government that companies would incur due to shipping products to countries where they weren't supposed to (China being a big one). Northrop was right up there with Lockhead and Boeing.s

rainslacker1367d ago

Technical glitches happen all the time in stuff like this. If they don't acknowledge it or remedy it, then it's a mistake. Otherwise it's a bug that went unnoticed until it was too late. Believe it or not, stuff like this happens without anyone realizing it until the problem is actually fixed.

I'm sure Sony didn't do it maliciously...why would they want to lose business.:)

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Dudebro901367d ago

Sending mails? Proofread much?

Not a big deal. Just buy it when it comes out.

matrixman921367d ago

it has preload though, most people want to be able to play right as it goes live

BattleTorn1367d ago

The pre-orders are ONLY for the DLC version, and not the standalone correct?

What's the price gonna be for the standalone?

I'm asking even though I have it digitally.(ISS)

Abriael1367d ago

There's only one version.

Whether you buy it digital or at retail it's standalone.

BattleTorn1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

So there's no price variation between people who own the original game, and those who do not?

edit: what I'm reading is that the retail disc isn't releasing until next month.

And inFamous owners simply get bonus content.

Since I don't own a inFamous box. (bought digitally) I think I might go for the disc-version of First Light!

harrisk9541366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )


No.... Sony is releasing a disc version.

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