Xbox One Version of FIFA 14 Canceled in Japan to the Surpise of (Almost) No One

FIFA 14 was supposed to be one of the Xbox One launch games in Japan on September 4th, and Microsoft included the game in the latest presentations of the console to the press, but Electronic Arts announced today that the Japanese Xbox One release of the now almost outdated chapter of the successful soccer franchise has been canceled.

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Wikkid6661184d ago

Just common sense. Why release 14 when 15 is coming out a month after. Not sure why they ever even thought that was a good idea.

ramiuk11184d ago

its EA and MS and they have laods of copies of fifa 14 that they want rid of

700p1184d ago

Yeah this isnt surprising whatsoever.

pecorre1184d ago

Wait... Microsoft is actually launching the X1 in japan?

pecorre1184d ago

Well, this is new to me. I wish them good luck. Japan never was an easy market for them and the Wii U and PS4 both struggle right now in that country.

donthate1184d ago


How ironic would it be if the Xbox One turned out and did the best?

rainslacker1184d ago

Hard to believe it's so soon. This year is really flying by. I think all eyes are going to be on their Japanese release, as it's the biggest thing happening for them until the holiday season hits.

Despite being a Sony fan, and thinking it's an uphill battle for them in Japan(to put it mildly), I do hope they have success over there. 3rd party Japanese support will help them sell consoles world-wide, as there are lots of Otaku out there that would like to get their hands on some of those Japanese games if they get localized. I know it was hard to ignore the 360 early in it's life due to it's Japanese support.

LordMaim1184d ago

@YouAreSalty: That wouldn't be ironic. That would be the seventh sign.

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ThePope1184d ago

And apparently pre-orders are good

Theyellowflash301184d ago

Cause pre-orders determine a consoles success.

Xbox One is going to flop harder than the Xbox 360 did. And that system had Japanese games like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and The Last Reminant as exclusives....

OH, and a bunch of timed exclusives like Star Ocean 4, Tales of Vesperia, and Eternal Sonata....

Yeah.... the Xbox One is getting none of that. The system is DOA in Japan.

qwerty6761184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

lol an online retailer that said they ran out of preorders "quickly"

it could mean they only had like 2000 to start.

Magicite1184d ago

They gonna lose more on advertising than make on software (considering they are losing on hardware too).

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NerdStar71184d ago

Lol, who cares? Just get Fifa 15 ffs, it's not like it's suddenly got worse is it?

SegaGamer1184d ago

They ain't missing out on anything. I hate FIFA 14, it's the first FIFA game i have ever given up on. I'm still playing FIFA 13 and if FIFA 15 doesn't improve on FIFA 14 then i will continue to play FIFA 13.

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