Nintendo: 'Wii can discover new genres'

DEVELOP: Just a month after the service's launch, Nintendo is already making bold proclamations about WiiWare, saying it is ushering in a new era for games developers.

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Leathersoup3810d ago

They for got the part where he says, "...unfortunately because we crank the same crap out over and over again you'll never see it happen"

Voiceofreason3810d ago

Yeah the 5th Prime game is played out. Much better to play the 10th GTA. Lets also not forget how Wii sports 10, and Wii fit 9 are remakes of really old franchises. Along with Wii music 13 and Disaster day of crisis 8. And how FF13(the what 17 or 18 FF game) is a brand new fresh IP that millions want. Or how the 6th or 7th MG is so original.