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Submitted by jonny2by4 538d ago | news

You Won't Have to Worry About Watch Dogs' Infamously Tedious Drinking Game Ever Again

Even those who haven't played a minute of Watch Dogs may have heard about its infamous drinking minigame, especially if you frequent popular gaming forums. The incredibly tedious optional activity has long been the bane of many a Platinum Trophy hunter, purely because of the awkward nature in which you need to press and match buttons within a time limit without full control over your analog sticks. (Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Neonridr  +   539d ago
God those mini games were ridiculous. Haven't beaten all the drinking games yet, so this should help get through them quicker..

but the chess and cup games I had to do on my own..
C-H-E-F  +   539d ago
Wow, i'm kind of pissed wasted about 4 hours in Pawnee on level 6 I think. I got my platinum, they should've left it. Platinum's aren't supposed to be easy smh. Glad I got all my money back for this game too.
Lwhit6  +   538d ago
How on earth did you get ALL those songsneaks?
LightningMokey  +   538d ago
Drive around and listen to music in your car and use song sneak for songs you don't have.
C-H-E-F  +   538d ago
lOl, I just went to every store in the game listened to the songs in the coffee shops and stuff. Each store has a playlist of about 3-6 songs, very time consuming, but I couldn't figure out a better way to do it lOl. Also, check in at those poker games especially the one in a basement, they have songs that ONLY play there as well.

If you need any more assistance just ask. I still can't believe they made it easier that trophy made the platinum special to me... SMH

Also, if it's still difficult try INVERTING your controls in the start menu, that really makes it easier. (because when you're drunk in PAWNEE the controls invert). GOODLUCK!!
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LordMaim  +   538d ago
Hacking is faster.
AstroCyborg  +   537d ago
most 1st party exclusives aren't hard to platinum
Drithe  +   538d ago
I keep hoping I never have to read anything EVER about Watchdogs again. I keep getting disappointed though. :(
SpinalRemains138  +   538d ago
I mailed the game back the moment I drove a vehicle. That game was just way too "not for me".
mikeboccher  +   538d ago
i got my 100%, im straight
bauer007  +   538d ago
This should never of been patched, you find it to hard then don't do it! Its not meant to be easy!
Lwhit6  +   538d ago
No. You have no idea what you're talking about. It's unnecessarily hard and out of place in the game. Coming from someone who beat all the drinking games it made me furiously hate this game. It had no place in watch dogs it was just some stupid game to add time played. Oh but that's not all, then you have to go profile every NPC in the game for those stupid SongSneaks. Not only was the core of this game shit but the side mission mini game things were so out of place and ruined this game. There's a difference between hard trophies (inferno 4 on trials) that are actually rewarding and shit trophies like these drinking game ones. Not rewarding. Not fun. Just hard.
bauer007  +   537d ago
I got the platinum pretty easily... If you want something then you gotta work for it!
KR1ST0F3R  +   538d ago
Way to devalue my platinum. No wonder the worlds economy is so messed up ;)
KR1ST0F3R  +   538d ago
Way to devalue my platinum. No wonder the world's economy is so messed up ;)
KR1ST0F3R  +   538d ago
Sorry for multiple post :( can't work out how to delete
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KR1ST0F3R  +   538d ago
I love that people have disagreed with the fact I can't work out how to delete a post, and disagreed with a joke too.

Weird place
SpinalRemains138  +   538d ago
They disagree because they know how to delete obviously.

Why does everyone look at the disagree button as a personal attack? It says "disagree", not "you're a lying loser"
Slysi  +   538d ago
Never mind the mini games, I'm sitting on a season pass here waiting for the t-bone dlc
HugoDrax  +   538d ago
not to sound like a d*ck! but I knew the Season Pass was bs when it was announced. It's as if they announced a season pass for a game they only plan on releasing one DLC mission for.
SIMOIKIE  +   538d ago
They really weren't that difficult. They were jus meant to be trial and error games... that would suck to waste that much time on it tho. Considering they're just side missions
domford1981  +   537d ago
Got my plat and those drinking games were the worst. Pleased for other people that they won't have to endure that pain

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