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Submitted by mcroddi 466d ago | news

Full Details on the PS3 and 360 versions on FIFA 15 revealed

onPause writes:

EA Sports has not forgotten about you and has been putting tons of care into the ‘last-gen’ versions of FIFA 15. Here are the full details about the game and what's different than its Next Gen counterparts. (FIFA 15, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

MatthewBandeira  +   466d ago
Should be good.
mcroddi  +   466d ago
Very excited for this as well.
tayz  +   466d ago
the graphics look so real!
mcroddi  +   466d ago
:-) yes
Redinfamy  +   466d ago
Played it and it was really smooth on next gen I wonder how it will be on PS3 and Xbox 360
mcroddi  +   466d ago
I want to say it will be quite good there as well. FIFA is so good at this point.
Angerfist  +   466d ago
It's missing features on purpose on old gen. So how is that good? Good thing I'm not getting fifa, I'm not into that FUT Scam anyway.
yezz  +   466d ago
What exactly is this "FUT scam"?
Joe2911  +   466d ago
FUT Scam - The movement towards micro-transaction gaming that most 'gamers' seem to approve of. It was nice when all my wallet had to do was buy the game, but that isn't good enough anymore.

Ultimate team is a cash cow, you can play exactly the same game mode without having to pay money for virtual cards. EA made 380 million dollars off ultimate team last year, so naturally the only game mode that improves is UT, whilst the gameplay and other modes get neglected.

Ultimate team is the biggest waste of time and money ever!

I come from an NHL background but the concept of ultimate team is the same as FIFA.
yezz  +   466d ago
"you can play exactly the same game mode without having to pay money for virtual cards."

You said it yourself there.. I haven't invested a single penny in UT and still managed to enjoy and play it well every single year. If people are stupid enough to buy millions of packs then unfortunately it's just their problem.

All the modes need some improvements but this is how EA works, improvements come very slowly and this was already the case long before Ultimate team..
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stanr  +   465d ago
Ok so some of this looks awesome but I already got a FIFA game last year so Im good for the next 4 years.

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