Wow, These YouPorn Team Shirts Look Awesome

Well folks, there you have it, the YouPorn eSports team jerseys have been unveiled, and they do look dashing!

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Felis_Rufus1206d ago

I must admit...the do look sexy.

bub161206d ago

Would anyone wear a youporn T-shirt out? Unless it was to a party or something for laughs but would you wear it to your local post office, food shopping, trips to the shops lol?

Felis_Rufus1206d ago

Bacehelor party! But no, not for running errands...

Ultraplayerxp1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

The shirt is probably gonna get more attention than the wearer, I can tell you that much. But that's probably the point lol.

Saelyn1206d ago

I don't know why but that last part just made me laugh. Maybe I envisioned someone doing that.

Waffles111205d ago

Some people just want to express their individualism. They have to represent their serious dedication to being an expert in fapping 8 times a day. This shirt proudly states "Fapper Commander is in your presence".

Ultraplayerxp1206d ago

From a PR point of view, how is this gonna affect the general perception of competitive gaming?

iceman061206d ago

I would say that this pretty much says that competitive gaming is very new and in need of revenue streams. Youporn's sponsorship of a team says that they are even open to more...alternative ideas about where to get money. Trust when I say that there are some more questionable revenue streams in well established sporting ventures than porn sites.

Waffles111205d ago

The future of gaming is people sending pictures of how hard their junk is from playing mindless games like candy crush to random people on social media from their phones. Or maybe this will just be what communication eventually becomes...

nidhogg1206d ago

FUUUU--- I want one of those!!! the design is too good.

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The story is too old to be commented.