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David Braben - Elite Dangerous Interview - Worlds Factory

"At Worlds Factory, we managed to get an interview with David Braben, creator of the Elite series and its most recent instalment 'Elite Dangerous'
We talked about the game, what you can do on it and how important he believes it is to let the gaming community see your game during development." (David Braben, Elite: Dangerous, gamescom, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Alexious  +   371d ago
I think this game is coming along much better than Star Citizen, at least right now.
ATi_Elite  +   370d ago
OK Elite Dangerous is fun, im in teh Beta but SC is doing way more stuff than ED. way more stuff

I'm proud of both games and will continue to enjoy E:D until SC is released.

now I am disappointed in X-Rebirth......what friggin let down that was.
Fangrim  +   370d ago

Let me correct that for you:

"OK Elite Dangerous is fun, im in teh Beta but SC is promising way more stuff than ED. way more stuff"
edqe  +   370d ago
> now I am disappointed in X-Rebirth......what friggin let down that was.

I like it and it is getting better and better. A new patch should be released soon.

ED, SC and X:R are quite different kind of games and there definitely is room for all of them.
ModernFuel  +   369d ago
Google: "Elite Dangerous FAQ"

Elite is doing way more than Star Citizen.
s45gr32  +   370d ago
Ok now I am excited for this game damn it.

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