Japanese PS3 Gets Nervous, Freezes Up

Impossible! Big, powerful machine locks up when left on all day. Please bring back those happy memories where Sony was telling us its console didn't freeze up and ran cool. 'Cos freezing up, that's so Xbox 360-January-2006! Regardless, a Gamers in Akihabara had a PS3 fritz out. Our advice: Don't leave your console on all day long. Duh.

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PS3n3604403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

I dont know about anyone else but I often play my console for 10 hours straight on a rainy sunday. This sucks.

BRUTUS4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

BE more patient in fact xbox 360 a year as it's
exists at it has such games to me for example last games not liked just cause the graphix there maybe good but control there the sucks the scarface on ps2 1000 times better and this GOW this is not my genre walking and shooting
without sense dumb game this game developed for most online gamers but single player too short
and who say the graphix in there the nextgen
the man walking there look like it is made of plasticine and the trace from bullets
looks like on bad movie so stop this sht. dont listen those xbot fools see the release date from both consoles and bye what console you want soory for bad english

PS3n3604403d ago

English is not your strong point obviously. I didnt say anything that should have ignited that little outburst. Slamming GOW is stupid it is the nicest looking game in existence. To top it off you dont walk around shooting, I dont believe you have actually seen or played the game so keep your ignorent comments to your self and if you cant read understand or speak english please refrain from posting here. Just to clarify my post. A game console should not overheat no matter how long its running. Mine doesnt and its a launch system. Touch wood.

FadeToBlack4403d ago

Can you learn to speak english please? Its painful trying to read your post.

Odiah4403d ago

Oh dear, takes me back to my PS1 days.... i wonder why.

shikwan4403d ago

My PCs are left on all day....everyday. There should be no need to shut your PS3 off. In fact, isn't it 'built' to stay on so that others could use the Cell over the network?

Looks like the PS3 is akin to coal; black & shiny but ain't worth spit until 1 million years later.

Raist4403d ago

Try to put your PC in a closed glass or plastic case, and then watch it die slowly, heh.

power of Green 4403d ago

I take it you wasted over $600 bucks on the PS3. Heh!

Bill Nye4403d ago

What? Another PS3 freezing when it's left on in an enclosed, unventilated case? These stories are getting tiresome...

... What's more relevant to the consumer is that YouTube video of the guy's PS3 not turning on and giving the double red lights.

Odiah4403d ago

It's next to a door. Don't make excuses for this abomination.

Bill Nye4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

That's a perfect excuse for it overheating... and the fact that it's next to the door doesn't matter if the case has no air flow... So it's the designer of the display case's fault, not the PS3. This is why I said it's more relevant to get to the bottom of the guys PS3 not working when it was not in such an enclosed case. Get it, cupcake?

shikwan4403d ago

Who's bright idea was it to put it there??? Sure not the store owners!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.