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Submitted by ReZoN 463d ago | news

The Last of Us Remastered Is The Fastest Selling PS4 Title On PSN

The Last of Us Remastered was released at the end of last month, both digitally and retail. Since then, it has been selling quite well despite being a re-release of a year old game and this doesn't appear to apply to retail sales only as the digital sales are also strong. (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

Thantalas  +   463d ago
I would expect it is the fastest selling title on PSN. It's a top quality game, arguably the best PS4 game available and cheaper than other digital titles. I'm glad to see this doing so well especially as many buyers are new to the PlayStation platform and never got to play it last gen.
Yi-Long  +   463d ago
I'll probably be getting the US digital download, because the EU release has been censored.

I'm sure many other European gamers have done the same, which could be a part of the reason why the game is selling so well digitally.
chrismichaels04  +   462d ago
This is a great opportunity for all of the new PS4 owners that came over from the Xbox 360 and missed out on this incredible game on the PS3, to enjoy one of the best games of the last generation.
BBBQ_BYOBB  +   462d ago
What did they censor?
Yi-Long  +   462d ago
Just some stuff in the multiplayer, like gore, decaps, executions, etc etc. They more graphic stuff got toned down quite a bit.

I know not everyone cares, but some do, so for those who do care, they can 'import' the USA version.
sonarus  +   462d ago
This is a very very poor way to estimate sales. I almost always buy my games digital and i think i might have used that rating system like once in my whole life
Malacath  +   462d ago
Problem with getting the US download is you will probably get match made with people in North America instead of Europe which means higher ping and lag.

I agree though it's wrong to censor the game across Europe just so people in Germany can get the same experience as the rest of Europe.

This is the sole reason why I will never play multiplayer in last of us or buy any future DLC

Personally I think Germany should have had it's own servers so that they can play the censored version while the rest of Europe can play the uncut version.
HanzoHattori  +   462d ago
Yeah I agree with that move. Get the uncensored version. You don't want to miss out on all the head smashing, clicker killing goodness that this game has.
700p  +   462d ago
Also when they arent any games to play. Makes sense.
manxey   462d ago | Spam
Magicite  +   462d ago
Are you talking about xbox720?
What was the last true AAA exclusive? Forza 5? Isnt it a launch game? Oh, my!
HanzoHattori  +   462d ago
So what game has come out on the Xbox One this summer? Hmmm... Let's see... Excluding all the multiplatform games that number comes to an amazingly irrelevant THREE. And none of them are triple A quality like TLOU Remastered.

Pinball Fx
Sixty Second Shooter Prime
Zombie Driver Ultimate

So if anyone is to believe your original statement about the PS4's library of games, "Also when they arent any games to play. Makes sense." Then we all must agree that since the only games worth mentioning to come out on the Xbox One since June were multiplatform, and the exact same games are on the PS4, then anyone who believes that the PS4 doesn't have any games must also conclude that the Xbox One has no games either. It wouldn't be so bad if you were an amusing troll, but you aren't even a troll worth mentioning.
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Corpser  +   462d ago
May very well be true BUT there's is no source for this article, the writer is just guessing based on number of user ratings
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HanzoHattori  +   462d ago
If you had a PS4 you can see the number of thumbs up are on games. We rate them directly from the console.
joab777  +   462d ago
I bought it again and love it. Playing on grounded is interesting. Then last night, i bought Diablo 3:UEE and I can't put it down. Oh well, both will be on ice September!
incendy35  +   462d ago
It deserves to be. Definitely the best next-gen game so far. They improved it in every way but the 60fps is amazing. Sony needs to figure out a way to clone Naughty Dog.
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KUV1977  +   462d ago
Actually I was disappointed by the HD-remaster. There are so many graphical glitches that have not been on PS3 that it seems they took 2 big steps forward (1080p, 60fps) and a hundred small steps back. From weird clipping errors over lights shining through objects to missing lighting maps and weird transparency issues. Even the ending credits have misplaced slides. The game itself is amazing but the remaster quality is rather poor and actually affects the atmosphere/immersion negatively. Never thought I would say that about a Naughty Dog game, but I expected a lot more.
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   462d ago
Actually to me this is kind of sad that a last gen game is the fastest selling next gen game on ps4. It says alot about the ps4 library. No trolling just my opinion. Sure this is good news if you never played TLOU on ps3 but what about those of us who did? what do we have to play on ps4 right now? indie games? both current gen systems are seriously lacking in the games department.
Malacath  +   462d ago
I agree.

Personally even though I love the game (Apart from the multiplayer because it's censored in Europe to keep Germany happy).

I don't think it's a good example of a next gen game.

The graphics are upgraded but it doesn't exactly push the hardware. Personally I don't think it looks that much different to the ps3 version. Also the levels have the same limitations where you travel a certain distance then previous areas get mysteriously sealed off so you can't go back. This was obviously done originally due to the ps3's small amount of RAM. There is no reason that the ps4 version has do this.
jcnba28  +   462d ago
That says a lot.
Spotie  +   462d ago
As usual, however, you haven't said anything.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   462d ago
I played the hell out of it on ps3 but the experience on ps4 does make it that much better... I'm getting close to the platinum and just about half way through my 2nd grounded play through.

Hope everyone who switched camps has got to experience one of the best games in ages
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KNWS  +   462d ago
i'm glad it selling well and i hope the halo collection will too. Devs will make a gears collection if remasters are selling.
LeCreuset  +   462d ago
This is an article about TLOU digital sales, not a segue to market theoretical Xbox releases. Nice try, though.
GW212  +   462d ago
Of course halo will sell well. It'll be the first exclusive release on the xbox in months. MONTHS.
Macdaddy71  +   462d ago
This is hard for me, cause of everyone buying making Sony think they did enough for games on the ps4, n 2nd we will start getting damn remaster games and slow coming new support if you want a PS4 3.5 or a X1 .5
Majin-vegeta  +   462d ago
Must be your first console launch.
LeCreuset  +   462d ago
I really think it is for a lot of people. Their complaints about the lineup don't gel with what I remember, having a PS3, at the start of last gen.


Do you not see the budgets on the blockbusters you want? You don't have to support remasters, but why would you take issue with others doing so, many of whom missed out the first go round? It's not like they're ripping off the fans. For once, they're making money by doing something that's not exclusive dlc, 3rd party exclusivity, etc., and that money can help out with bigger budget titles. It's easier to make an Uncharted 4 or TLOU 2 when money is coming in from TLOU; RE.
theshredded  +   462d ago
I wish I could get it digitally but for over 40 GB that'll take me not weeks but months to download it!
HeavenlySnipes  +   462d ago
It's 50 Gbs

My internet is pretty shit and I'm on wifi and it took less than 5 hours
incendy35  +   462d ago
I just started it at night and it was ready in the morning. Definitely worth getting!
nunley33  +   462d ago
So you're on dial-up internet still? Otherwise even on a 1-5mb DSL connection it'll download in far less time. You're better off to buy the disc then. I prefer buying these retail games as discs rather than the digital even with me having fast net. Now these people who bought the digital versions of this and of GTAV on PSN will need to buy it again on PS4,not me though.
KUV1977  +   462d ago
That does not make sense. Just because you have the disc of the PS3-version and others have it digital does not give you any advantage on PS4. You will have to buy the game again just like owners of digital versions will have to, unless, of course, you plan to keep playing on PS3, but guess digital owners can also still play on PS3. So there is no advantage in this regard.
nunley33  +   462d ago
@KUV1977 The disc gives someone with a slow connection a chance to play it while saving him the time and headache of downloading which is the point. The another point i made you may have missed is the ps3 disc can be traded or sold towards the PS4 version, this does give an advantage to disc owners vs digital,this applies towards ps3 digital copies and the discs of course. Digital has it's advantages though.
noctis_lumia  +   462d ago
best game of last generation

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nunley33  +   462d ago
It's probably mine too but not a slamdunk with Uncharted 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 also in the top 3.
Gore-Content  +   462d ago
Rightfully so. A masterpiece is a masterpiece, no matter on what system.
Dontworrybhappy  +   462d ago
I buy all my X1 and PS4 games digitally. I actually sold BF4 and Titanfall so I could rebuy them digitally lol. Digital future ftw!

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