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The Co-op Podcast 87: Will Rise of the Tomb Raider Be Uncharted For Xbox?

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: On episode 87 of The Co-op Podcast We discuss Phil Spencer's comments about wanting an Uncharted like game on the Xbox platform. This is what lead them to the decision of paying Square Enix to make Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive, but will the game be able to achieve everything Naughty Dog has in their blockbuster IP? Will the fact that it's also releasing on the Xbox 360 hold it back from achieving greatness? We discuss it in length. (Industry, Rise of the Tomb Raider)

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CaptainSellers  +   460d ago
Are people forgetting already that it was confirmed as timed exclusive?
Cueil  +   460d ago
Phil compaired the deal to the Dead Rising 3 deal
Mr Pumblechook  +   460d ago
I'm looking forward to the PC and PlayStation version of this. I won't be buying the Xbox version because it will encourage Phil Spencer to keep using Bill Gates money to restrict games from the biggest next-gen community.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a cross-gen game so I doubt it will technically be as able to hit graphical heights of Uncharted 4 which has been designed to work on one console and take advantage of its features.
sonarus  +   460d ago
so is dead rising 3 timed as well?

If i had to choose between uncharted and tomb raider i will choose uncharted everytime.
cleft5  +   460d ago
The real problem with this deal is that Square Enix is going to release some sort of definitive edition of the game 6 months to a year later. That version will be $60 on all platforms including the Xbox One. So essentially, the 2015 version will just be the beta version of the game and Square Enix will take all of the feedback and additional content and release the game again to the Xbox One people and everyone else.

That's a really sleazy move and sets a terrible president if they are profitable. For that reason I won't even buy the game when it comes to PC and PS4. Essentially, the Xbox One consumers will be treated like beta testers while paying full price for the game and having the game marketed as being a finished product. That really isn't okay at all. I think people better be very careful about how they spend their money in regards to this Tomb Raider game, otherwise we will see these shady practices resurface.
nucky64  +   460d ago
I don't care if TR wasn't an exclusive in any form. i want UC4 a zillion times more than TR.
incendy35  +   460d ago
I definitely liked the writing better in Uncharted 3 than TombRaider reboot. But I enjoyed the gameplay in TombRaider reboot more than Uncharted 3. Both awesome adventure games. Can't wait to play both Uncharted 4 and Rise of the TombRaider!
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SwiffEpics  +   460d ago
We're not forgetting, we're just discussing the statement that Phil Spencer himself made, he said he wants an Uncharted like game and that's why they sought after Tomb Raider.
castillo  +   460d ago
But not carved in stone, besides the deal can be restructured to allow a buy of the IP.
who know such a clause can already be in the contract just a mattress of time .
Hellsvacancy  +   460d ago
Simple answer no, you don't just buy something like Uncharted

I was looking on eBay the other day to buy some decent headphones (i'm a music freak) and I noticed China sells LOADS of cheap headphones, extremely cheap

It's the same logic, I could of bought buy some real cheap headphones, but i'd rather pay abit more on a trusted manufacturer and have QUALITY sounding headphones

I ended buying Sennheiser Momentums btw (Amazon)
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Imalwaysright  +   460d ago
No it isn't the same logic. That would be implying that the TR reboot is bad game which just simply isn't true.
Double Toasted  +   460d ago
Thank you. Well said!
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Inzo  +   460d ago
Well, its not a great game.
Hellsvacancy  +   460d ago
I didn't say the headphones from China were bad, obviously they do the job, sound isn't that hard to hear, they were just not as good quality wise
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Imalwaysright  +   460d ago
No, of course not... but you did say that chinese headphones are "extremely cheap" and that their makers aren't to be trusted and don't make things with "QUALITY". What's funny is that the headphones that you bought could have been made in China since Sennheiser has a factory there.
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Dlacy13g  +   460d ago
It already is. Tomb Raider reboot gave xbox fans a taste of an Uncharted like game, that will continue with RTR.
MrKennedy  +   460d ago
This is a good post about a gaming podcast.
garrettglass  +   460d ago
Great podcast as always!
starrman1985  +   460d ago
Hopefully! I wouldn't really say UC needs much competition but it certainly wouldn't hurt. Tomb Raider (prequel) was absolutely brilliant, I liked the more mature tone.

It'll take a lot of effort to de-throne UC, but it's certainly a good target!
Illusive_Man  +   460d ago
Phil said the deal is similar to Ryse and Dead Rising 3 in terms of exclusivity on Xbox One, although the duration could be much longer based on other comments he made....

He said he wants Tomb Raider to be their Uncharted.

He also said, and this is key, Microsoft will assist not only in marketing but also Development. After making that clear, Phil said he does not believe in investing into platforms outside of Microsoft's which includes PC and Xbox.

Basisically I see three things here:

This game will get the 1st party treatment so it can be a direct answer to UC.

MS wants a long term action adventure title. TR is already a well established franchise.

This game is not coming to PS4 but will be on PC later at some point.

One last thing know PS fans believe Square Enix would be missing out a lot sales by not coming to PS but there are more users on Microsoft platform of Xbox and PC so SE should be fine if the game is good.
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incendy35  +   460d ago
Hard to say about what happens to the game a year after launch, but I think the fact MS is helping with Development means gamers will get a better product in the end. And for that, we should all be happy.
CaptainSellers  +   460d ago
But Phil said himself MS have absolutely no control over where it goes after the duration expires.

This is also SE we are talking about, I have no doubt it will come to PC and PS platforms after so long.

Ryse and DR3 were also both published by MS, TR is still being published by SE.
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christocolus  +   460d ago
He also said his deal with square enix was for this particular iteration of tombraider. He compared it to the deal with deadrising saying capcom still owned the ip and their deal only covered dead rising 3 and so he wouldn't know capcoms plans for the sequels.
castillo  +   460d ago
Very interesting idea, wonder what the price would be for MS to buy the IP for themselves. Can't cost more than Gears. I am gonna give it a 50-65 million price tag.
Quicktim3  +   460d ago

it will still sell on the xbox though.
jb227  +   460d ago
I'm predicting a lot of Bullshot content for Rise of the Tomb Raider…this is a game meant to sell the Xbox One to people who haven't taken the plunge yet, but if they expressly use it to go up against Uncharted 4 they need to make Rise look better or at least comparable to UC4, and that simply can't be done. Rise will be a cross gen game whereas UC4 will be exclusively next gen, UC4 will simply look & play MUCH better than Rise, that much is a given. Also, story wise there's no contest there either. Even w. Hennig gone, Naughty Dog are simply better storytellers than the crew at Crystal Dynamics. The Tomb Raider relaunch was a fun game, but the story was pretty forgettable & lackluster, I'd say any sane person would pick UC2, 3, or TLOU over Tomb Raider any day unless there's a lot of trickery going on.
thecowsaysmoo  +   459d ago
Why doesn't Microsoft just buy Sony out already. Sony is only worth 3 million dollars at this point.
Spotie  +   459d ago
God, there's a couple of Xbox fanboys that chase me around this site... But looking at these delusional parts above me, I wonder where they get off EVER attacking Playstation ANYTHING.

Tomb Raider is NOT Uncharted. So no. It's also NOT an exclusive. Enough with the fantasies.
maniacmayhem  +   459d ago
And how many xbox fanboys do you follow Hicken?

Calm down, I can actually picture you fuming and turning red over some random anonymous commenters on a video game site. Stop taking this stuff so serious. These are just video games.

Time to take up a stamp collecting or bird watching if something like this gets you so worked up.

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