42 Secrets to Mastering Metal Gear Solid 4 -- SPOILER FREE

SPOILER FREE! GamePro's Sid Shuman has finished Metal Gear Solid 4 twice. Here are his top strategies for mastering the game...and he won't blow any secrets!

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nofilter3841d ago

Great article - but just a note: page 2 isn't spoiler free at all. I wish I'd not clicked it now... =(

Keowrath3841d ago

Thankyou for the warning. I was just about to check this out then thought I'd check what the 1 reply was about.

Bubbles for saving the epicness for me!

nofilter3841d ago

No probs. Page 1 is fine, though.

highdro3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

how 2006/7 80% of gamers were dissing the ps3 (u know who u are) and ms came out and said we a proud to be celebrating victory over sony (when gears of war and halo 3 was came out) now i bet 75% of 80% of u people that were dissing the ps3 are playing MGS4 2day and ms are still figureing out y the 360 has not come close to 1 000 000 in japan with a year head start lol, hahaha !!!!!

himdeel3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

...Snake Eater twice the week before I purchased MGS4. That in itself was enough for me to literally fall right into this game with EASE.

I suggest anyone considering MGS4 play MGS3:Snake Eater or MGS3:Subsistence if you want to get a feel for MGS4 controls before you actually get the game. You can get MGS3 for about $7-$9 used and while the control scheme is adjusted a bit it make it SOO intuitive.

sandip7873841d ago

lol thanks for the heads up, im not gonna go to page 2. when it says tips to beat the bosses, how is this not a spoiler?

highdro3841d ago

@sandip787 u listen to grime and garage yh!! hve u heard the new jme mix tape.

sandip7873841d ago

yeh i do mate!
nah i havent, is it good? whats it called?

KILLERAPP3841d ago

Finish the game last night and it was so awesome I already stared playing it again in a different way so awesome thank you kojima thank you.

trancefreak3841d ago

wow dude amazing. im such a noob at this game it will take me a month to complete it.

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