DayZ Ashwood Short Bow Crafting And Loot Spawn Guide

One Angry Gamer "A new guide for the standalone of DayZ has gone live to help players become the Legolas of DayZ; the Robin Hood of Chernarus; the Katniss of the zombie apocalypse. The guide features a detailed look at how to acquire the materials to make an ashwood short bow, as well as how to gather composite arrows, how to make improvised arrows and what you’ll need to do in order to kill zombies like one tough, arrow-lobbing son of a gun."

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ATi_Elite1340d ago

No one plays this anymore.....see you guys on the Breaking Point field!

WilliamUsher1340d ago

Breaking Point? Is that a new mod? (sorry it's hard keeping up with every trend these days)

ATi_Elite1340d ago

Its a Dayz mod on the Arma 3 engine and it is further along and better than dayz.

Looks and plays way better than dz. Breaking Point is my new favorite mod