Coldplay on Guitar Hero

MCV: Tracks from Coldplay's new album Viva La Vida and previous LPs are to become available on Guitar Hero.

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Silogon3807d ago

What a world we live in where Cold play are now considered Guitar hero's. Pretty cool. I guess.

I mean, I like Cold play, but they're not u2 or even Oasis and they're certainly not Morning runner. & none of the above bands are guitar heavy bands, more like Atmospheric. Not saying Edge can't jam, cause he can and can with the best of them just go see them live but the truth is their music doesn't lend itself to Guitar shredding and face melter's.

Guitar legend, yes. Edge is that, but not a guitar Hero. Cold plays lead guitarist, I can't even tell you who he is and I'm not to worried about finding out on wiki either.

Dave Genn kills anyone in music to date. He's a Guitar Hero, well one of mine as a guitarist myself.

dork07833807d ago

CLOCKS to rock band I want to play it with the drums.

dork07833807d ago

they need like "clocks" and "let's talk" or "trouble" in rock band not guitar hero I can't see it on guitar hero but in rock band yes.I am a musician myself I play all intstruments the next instrument I want to learn is violin.

Nevers3807d ago

Wow... cuz when I think GUITAR HEROES, my mind immediately goes to Coldplay>>>>>LA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!