Three new Fable 2 shots released

VG247: Microsoft just released three new Fable 2 screens.

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neogeo3837d ago

Hey look! he chases chickens!

2 words....weddding! ring!

jkhan3837d ago

Looks good. I hope they deliver on there promises.

foodbox3837d ago

The game already looks terrific. Epic scale. Fantastic technology. No one is promising anything more than what they are going to deliver.

Fable 2 -- the best WRPG of 2008.

MK_Red3837d ago

Nice. Love the style. The contrast between happy / innocent look and the evil / nasty gameplay possiblities promised by Peter M is just awesome.

kingme713837d ago

Looks like fun. I hope this game doesn't suffer from being overhyped.

foodbox3837d ago

What does "overhyped" even mean?

Just buy the game and play it. Thats it.

kewlkat0073837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Assassins Creed..High hopes, great Visions/Art direction but boring repetitive gameplay.

ParaDise_LosT3837d ago

But This is an RPG with Co-Op, So I'm not too worried about it....

I'm still pretty disappointed about them cutting off seafaring :(
but all in all, the game looks amazing :P
I agree with MK I like the Good/Evil stuff :P always have

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The story is too old to be commented.