EA Access Stumbles with Madden 15 Trial, Suffers Six-Hour Launch Delay

When EA announced their competition with Playstation Plus, everyone was watching to see how they would do. Well several criticized their lack of titles, they've now struggled with those few titles, when technical difficulties delayed many people six hours from downloading the timed trial of Madden 15.

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ValKilmer1284d ago

I'd be more surprised if EA *didn't* stumble with digital distribution.

ThinkThink1284d ago

It's a brand new service. Let's give it 2 more months to work out the kinks and then bash it.

Spotie1284d ago

Or we can bash it the whole time, like everything else.

yankolo1284d ago

First year ..calm down people

hello121284d ago

We're working with Microsoft to fix an issue with the trial. Users can download it from the Xbox Store, but they can't play it. Microsoft is hard at work at getting the trial in your hands. Sorry for the delay!
permalinkparent From EA three hours ago.

Some people are saying its up and running now.

DEEBO1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

No it's not i just tried to ask do i own the game or app then sends me to the store. My bad it's up now ya

qwerty6761284d ago

dont care about madden

but hopefully this feature works for dragon age.

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