New Video Shows Just How Bouncy Sunset Overdrive's Bouncies Are

Hardcore Gamer: The latest video in Insomniac’s highly informative and highly strange Sunset TV series sheds some light on the already infamous traversal mechanics. One of Sunset Overdrive‘s biggest goals is to stray away from the standard cover mechanics that permeate the third-person shooter genre, and boy oh boy has it gone the other way.

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ValKilmer1369d ago

Those are pretty dang bouncy.

4Sh0w1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Yeah I really like these brief glimpses of the game that they show off every week, good info without giving away too much. Sunset Overdrive definitely looks like one of the best games out this year.

Neoninja1369d ago

I like how they're doing all the bouncing and it looks like it'll save your life if things get too hairy.
So far I haven't seen anything I don't like about this game which is awesome. Can't wait to play it and have fun.

incendy351369d ago

This game just looks so fun. I hope it plays as fun as it looks like it does. Really liking the character customizations too, the cape is awesome haha.

SCW19821369d ago

I just can't get excited about this game even though I love insomniac. Wanted it to be the reason I get a One, still optimistic though.

Rowco1471369d ago

Tons of fun. I expected insomniac to make the visuals nex gen. Otherwise game will be fun