Watch Dogs' latest title update finally lets you hack your friends

A new title update for Watch Dogs has finally introduced the option to let players hack their friends in online multiplayer.

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porkChop1064d ago

It's about friggen time. Should have been there since day 1 considering that last year they said you could hack your friends.

700p1063d ago

Better late than never right?

DeadlyOreo1062d ago

It doesn't matter, it's too late. Most have moved past this game.

weazle1062d ago

Yep, too late. I traded mine in while I could still get $40 for it at Gamestop. I sure hope The Division doesn't disappoint like this game did because I am looking forward to that game.

Clunkyd1062d ago

@Weazle Yeah, Sold mines for $45! That's the beauty of having physical copies, No downloading times and being able to sell them. There wasn't much else to do in the game anyways.

TheXgamerLive1062d ago

This was a multiplat near release title and thats why its late. Games yet to come shouldnt be rushed and should be more complete

Rock-Lee1063d ago

Wow thanks Ubisoft. Now me and all my friends can hack each other, like you guys initially said we could. Oh wait... all my friends got tired of Watch Dogs and sold it months ago...

Well here's to Watch Dogs 2! Which I WON'T buy!

Rock-Lee1063d ago

and fuck the Ubisoft-fanboys who disagree. They are even worse, getting screwed in the ass without even realizing it.

tee_bag2421062d ago

Lol I agree. Although I loved the game on PC, saying its ok for Ubisoft to do this is sending the wrong message.

OUROSMAG1063d ago

Traded this game in a long time ago.

Shadonic1062d ago

I'm trading mines in for Destiny once its launch week.

mcarsehat1062d ago

Calm down before you burst a blood vessel.

ThatEnglishDude1063d ago

I can't recall a game that's been dropped so quick after such a promising marketing campaign.

It's too late Ubisoft - no one cares.

porkChop1063d ago

Because the game ended up being just "ok". I shouldn't be surprised though, Ubisoft does this every single time. They are the kings of marketing, taking turds and polishing them up to look like delicious cucumbers.

SoapShoes1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

TitanFall? Either way Idc, I still like it. It's just open world games are boring after you beat them. Roaming around with nothing to do but sidequests and stuff... Not my thing, it used to be. I loved GTA but after Vice City it got old to me. San Andreas was fun for a while though. We need a game like the original Driver or Driver 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.