$9.99 PSN Flash Sale on PS3 & PS Vita Games This Weekend

The PlayStation Store has revealed that there will be a $9.99 PSN Flash Sale available this weekend, giving you the chance to get some PS3 and PS Vita titles for cheap.

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Abash883d ago

Everyone who hasn't already needs to experience The Sly Collection, it's a steal for only $10

3-4-5883d ago

Probably going to get it now for $10. I need another game for my Vita anyways.

guitarded77883d ago

Plus it's cross-buy... so bonus. I'm gonna pick up GoW Collection for Vita since my retail disc didn't get cross-buy for the Vita, and I didn't download it free with PS+ because I already had it. I'm a dumbass.

Army_of_Darkness883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

Very good deals, except for the fact that I have most of these games already from PS+
which is why everyone with a ps3/ps4 & vita should have signed up long ago :-D

I just need Resident Evil: Revelations

diesoft883d ago

Agreed! Bending over backwards trying to find a way to pay for this with my broke ass. ....I would even use that cuz I'm so poor lol.

URNightmare883d ago

The classic Sly is awesome! I like them more than the latest ones. I'm definitely getting that for Vita!

HugoDrax882d ago

Yeah! I'll be downloading that, along with GOW collection for Vita. Can't beat those prices considering I already have around $12.00 in my account :-)

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Evilsnuggle883d ago (Edited 883d ago )


Wow is right there some amazing deals on that list. I just bought X com for PS3 wish I bought it in the flash sale .


I know I bought Tokyo Jungle for 99.c I always wanted to buy Tokyo Jungle . Can't believe I got it for 99.c

MrDreadnought883d ago

Here's some hoping that they are testing the field for having more of these deals for PS4.

nope111883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

About time! been waiting on that Tales of Graces f and Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires sale.

I hope Graces f is better than Xillia...

ShowGun901883d ago

7 Empires is pretty awesome! ive always liked the combo of "build your own force" and "Risk" LOL!

MusashiBlack883d ago

Xillia > Graces .... Sorry. The whole friendship vibe killed Grace for me.

EmptySkyForm883d ago

Unfortunately Graces has the most bland MC ever, I still enjoyed it a bit because of pascal but prepare for that.

Inception883d ago


- In terms of battle system and content (side quest & colloseum) Graces F is better than Xillia 1. Changing Assault artes & Burst artes in battle are very addictive. I can made a lot of awesome combos that i can't do in Xillia 1.

- In terms of story, Xillia 1 have better cast than Graces f. But personally i still enjoy & love a couple of Graces f main cast like Sophie, Pascal, and Malik. The rest is a bit standard, especially Asbel, but he also have some good side that i enjoy watching it.

Anyway, you should play Xillia 2. It is better than Xillia 1 and in terms of battle system and content, both Xillia 2 and Graces f are fantastic.

Nerdmaster882d ago

I kind of want to buy Tales of Graces, but the only Tales Of game I truly liked was Symphonia (and its sequel), so I think I'll stop trying to like this series.

The other ones I played were Phantasia, Legendia, Abyss, and Xillia. All of them got boring after 15~20 hours.

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ShowGun901883d ago

wish these had came out a few weeks ago, to make the wait for destiny a little more bearable! LOL!

1nsomniac883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

Double post.

1nsomniac883d ago

I'm guessing this again wont be in the UK/Europe.

Blastoise883d ago

Bit annoying after a bit isn't it?

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