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PlanetSide 2 PS4 Graphics Equivalent To Ultra On PC, Forgelight Upgraded To Support Multi-Threading

PlanetSide 2's lead designer Luke Sigmund shares new details about the PlayStation 4 version. (Planetside 2, PS4)

DirtyPimp  +   274d ago
i cant believe some pc gamers were saying ps4 could only run this in medium/low settings, just goes to show you.
Corpser  +   274d ago
It's a demanding game on pc... 2 years ago
vishmarx  +   274d ago
so at least you admit pc's need upgrades every two years to maintain its edge?
otherwise,show me a couple 2014 games a 2006 pc runs significantly better than a 360.
when will you realize were here for completely different reasons.
as much as we 'peasants' like to change our rides every few years ,most of us dont bother replacing helicopter engines with train engines in them every few months just to make it the loudest even if not entirely useful .
you have the spare money? congratulation.
nobody cares
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sonarus  +   274d ago
blah blah blah. Release it on ps plus already
Reefskye  +   274d ago
@Vishmarx not really I had a 570 when I was in alpha for PS2 as I was a PS1 player, I played it on max settings and still play it on max settings on my 570. PS2 problem was at the time crap SLI support and it also ran like crap on newer GFX cards is was coding not hardware.

PS1 ran like a bag of shit even on the most expensive hardware, it was not the hardware's fault it was the fact the code they used had massive memory leaks that screwed over hardware.

I bought a 770 a few months ago because I wanted a new GFX card not because I needed 1, there was hardly any increase in performance to PS2, again coding not hardware yet all my other games had a massive FPS boost. PC's are no where near as cut and dry as console are.

Oh and ill show you Bad company 2 run better on a really old 8800GTS than an xbox can do.
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Clunkyd  +   274d ago
Most demanding PC games now are 3rd party.
Reefskye  +   273d ago
@Clunkyd and that proves my point coding.
UltimateMaster  +   272d ago
People lack to see that those console has 8 cores.
They will use all the power they can get to deliver the best experience.
Sorry if you're a PC nay-sayer.

Oh yeah, while we are at it. Aren't mobile devices specs supposed to be stronger than the PS Vita?
Then how is it that Uncharted Golden Abyss, Killzone Mercenary looks significantly better than any other game on mobile; a game release 3 years ago.
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KwietStorm  +   274d ago
Based on the way it was "optimized" to run on even a good gaming PCs, they weren't just speaking out their asses. It runs better today.
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GTgamer  +   274d ago
The power of optimization (•ิ_•ิ)
BlingBlaine  +   274d ago
Gotta love the easy to build for architecture that the PS4 possesses.

PlayableGamez  +   274d ago
It depends on the game. Planetside 2 is a fairly old game. So the demand of that game shouldn't be hard to max out. Even for an next gen console. When PC gamers are referring to PS4 can only run medium/low settings, they are referring to modern day games. Games such BF4, Watch Dogs, The Witcher 3, etc.
I know I am going to get tons of disagrees on this comment. However, my attention is not to downplay the PS4.
mysteryraz11  +   274d ago
those games are running at high settings ps4 is running most games at high or ultra
user5669510  +   274d ago
Lol mid or high at 900p. Ps fanboys never fails
kevnb  +   274d ago
The way it was optimized at that point, it seemed like it would be a miracle if it ran at all. They must have done some serious optimization, I'll have to see if it runs better on pc as well, it could only seem to use one cpu core last time I tried.
ravensly  +   274d ago
a 150$ card 750 ti runs it in ultra settings 1080p so i am not suprised it runs this well on ps4

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ps4fanboy  +   274d ago
*grabs pop corn box*

Yeah but the PC is 8k res and ps4 can only manage a measly 1080p.......

We are zee peasants!
MasterCornholio  +   274d ago
But we are happy peasants.

ps4fanboy  +   274d ago
Ohhh yeahhh baby.

Nekroo , tongue in cheek mate.
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Nekroo91  +   274d ago
good luck getting a pc that run Planetside 2 at 8k with stable fps....
uth11  +   274d ago
or a stable bank account :)
Kosmacz  +   274d ago
Well, i can afford such a PC (tbh i only need a small GPU update), but why? I really enjoy games on my PS4. And i can't wait to play new Civ on my PC ;-)
HighResHero  +   274d ago
The peasant thing is silly. People spend more money on consoles gaming/games in general.
Not to mention the very "peasantish" online DRM and piracy that is so common in the PC world.
But as an owner of dozens of GOG games, an avid Counter Strike player, and a console game collector I wish the best for both worlds.
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Shiriya  +   274d ago
That's nice. The main thing I would like if possible is just a concrete date to mark on my calender as to when I can download this.
ShowGun901  +   274d ago

even if its not what i'd like to hear, the truth is always better! LOL!
Dem PS4 graphics!
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metalmatters  +   274d ago
well well well... hmmm so much for the master race lol jk jk Well this is good news for my and may other PS4 users who were looking forward to trying this out on PS4.

I dont see how anyone can spin negativity out of this one, but Im curious to read the incoming comments
SoapShoes  +   274d ago
Ughhhh just come out with this already! They need to market the crap out of this game, if they do, it could be huge.
xJumpManx  +   274d ago
LOL, anyone who has played Planetside knows its not a very graphical game. It will looks nice on consoles.
Majin-vegeta  +   274d ago

Since it's only gonna be playable on PS4.
NattyGraham  +   274d ago
They'll release this game AFTER Destiny has been a while in the market. Mark my words.

Why would they do it now? they need to move units with Destiny and ride this thing out.

THEN give Planetside 2 its proper light.
Seafort  +   274d ago
It's free to play :D

They could bring it out whenever they wanted and people would still play it.

They've done a lot of optimising with the Forgelight engine and I can believe the PS4 will play it on max setting but with no Physx like on the PC.
Moe-Gunz  +   274d ago
Whatever, give me a release date already.
S2Killinit  +   274d ago
i hear good things about this. its sort of reminiscent of the original Halo games. just by observance of course, I'm sure its very different type of game.
Seafort  +   274d ago
Yeah PS2 is a massive battlefield with hundreds of players all fighting for control of the islands 24/7.

I loved it when it first came out but my outfit was disbanded and I couldn't get back into it after that so quit and moved on :)
hennessey86  +   274d ago
if they can achieve ultra settings.on ps4
Then fair play to them, they must have optimized the engine a lot more because on my old rig with a gtx670 I couldn't run ultra and I no that card beats what's in the ps4
Angels3785  +   274d ago
the reason for that was not the video card.

It was not cpu optimized
amnalehu  +   274d ago
The PS4 is proving to be greater than the sum of it's parts.
masterfox  +   274d ago
You call me a console peasent!!! damnn you...

*keeps reading**

"Game is equivalent to Ultra settings on PC!!"

Ok I forgive you , lets not fight ever again :)
Pillsbury1  +   274d ago
To me this can only mean good things for h1z1 coming to ps4 as it runs on the same engine. :D
MysticStrummer  +   274d ago

A damn

imt558  +   274d ago
Maybe graphics are great, but big catch is 2000 players. Will PS4 version have so many players? I hope it will. PS2 is really CPU hungry on PC.
Daves  +   274d ago
Yeah PS has always been really CPU hungry.

On the original PS, my PC would go as low as 5 FPS when looking at a base with a HUGE battle taking place.

...and my current PC CPU can't really handle PS2.

Waiting on PS4.
GDDR6_2014  +   274d ago
Congrats it can run a 2012 game in Ultra
Qrphe  +   274d ago
[wrong reply]
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Testfire  +   274d ago
We're only in 2014....

Not to mention, PS4 barely came out.
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roland82  +   274d ago
I thought the ps4 was like a low range pc?. At least thats what the pc fanboys keep saying
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Pandamobile  +   274d ago
The PS4 is a low-to-mid range PC. It's taken 2+ years of dev time to port and optimize the PC game from 2012 to run properly on the hardware.
user5669510  +   274d ago
Whatever you say is not going to get through ps fanboys. They're grasping for straws. Any article think they got over on pc they are going to leap at even without logic. Now when this game launch and have frame rate issues there will be so much spinning
joeorc  +   274d ago
The Ps4 has a "mid" range GPU in it, despite many trying to classify it as low to mid, it is in fact a Mid tier GPU.
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Pandamobile  +   274d ago
It was a mid-range GPU 2 years ago when it was relatively new. Classifications change with age.
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joeorc  +   274d ago

"It was a mid-range GPU 2 years ago when it was relatively new. Classifications change with age."

that would be the case "if" that is "if" you could change the GPU, which you could not thus when this system was built and designed it was in fact a Mid tier GPU. it was not low end when it was build.

Just because PC's advance to more powerful GPU's does not change the fact just 2 years ago, this GPU was not an Entry level GPU! and its still not even now IT IS A "Pitcairn" FAMILY OF GPU'S
AMD classes "Pitcairn" family class of GPU mid tier not an entry level GPU
Pandamobile  +   274d ago
The point is that it would be by today's standards. Software optimizations can only go so far. The power discrepancy will get even more larger every year and pretty soon, people are gonna be asking for the next-generation of hardware already.
Muzikguy  +   274d ago
New article, old story. I knew I read this before....

cyclindk  +   274d ago
Confirmed, PS4 more powerful than any PC on the planet!
starchild  +   274d ago
Is that why all the multiplats I have played look better on my PC than on my PS4?

I have a GTX 770 and I've rented, borrowed and even bought multiplats for my PS4 that I already own on my PC and every single one of them ran and looked better on my PC than on my PS4. Those include: Battlefield 4, Thief, Watch Dogs, Bound By Flame and Assassin's Creed 4.

I like my PS4 a lot, it's a good console. I just don't like people talking so much crap about the PC or saying things that are simply not true. If your comment was sarcasm I apologize, but there are other comments above that said similar things and were apparently serious.
Clunkyd  +   274d ago
I never understood how people are comfortable playing on a computer.
cyclindk  +   274d ago
PS4 defeated? :(
TH3BR3W  +   274d ago
Anyone know if it will be cross platform or not? I'm curious to know and don't have the time at work to research it. My buddy likes playing this game on my pc but he only has a ps4 and I would like to know if there is a chance at us getting to play it together.
MysticStrummer  +   274d ago
Last I read it's not cross platform.
TH3BR3W  +   274d ago
*sadface* well maybe I'll help him build a rig cause I'm not startin over lol
MysticStrummer  +   274d ago
There was some talk of allowing character transfer between the platforms but I think they decided against it.
TH3BR3W  +   273d ago
I'm getting tired of companies deciding if gamers should play with other gamers. It saddens me that the split in the community is fueled by companies thinking it would give an edge to their competitors.
MysticStrummer  +   273d ago
I think a lot of it may have to do with putting new players who have nothing unlocked up against veterans who have many things unlocked. I can see the problem with that, though I can also see the other side of it, especially for people who spent money on their Planetside 2 accounts.
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S2Killinit  +   273d ago
that image looks pretty sick to me.

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