The Mass Effect: Balancing Gaming with a Healthy Lifestyle

Mike Bowerman discusses the importance of balancing his video game hobby while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He details the positive health benefits, such as maintaining a healthy weight, that were achieved by becoming more active without quitting gaming altogether. Bowerman also showcases how skills learned in Mass Effect, such as time management and decision balancing, can be used in daily life.

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LumpztheClown1210d ago

Great job, Mike! Glad you were able to achieve a healthy lifestyle and get yo game on! Kudos! :-)

thorstein1210d ago

That's why I play Ingress so much. I jog or bike to portals in order to gain XM and hack the portals for items.

I usually start out by using all my XM and then collect as I go.

rizzardcore1210d ago

This article is proof that gamers can be happy and healthy and not be stigmatized by the mainstream media's portrayal of what a gamer is.