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Latest trailer for The Crew takes you on a trip to the playground

Neil writes "The Crew, Ubisoft's open world explorative, action packed, driving RPG has got itself a new trailer." (PC, PS4, The Crew, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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And still no porsche, and no, ruf is unacceptable, and what's up with the drifting in it? looks like a nfs game when performing one. All that aside, looking at the graphics in this video, it looks alot better now, and got new cars and suv's. Can't wait to play this when the console beta comes out.
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Skate-AK  +   255d ago
EA has the license to include Porsche in their games. Only way you will be able to drive one would be a Need For Speed game.
neil363  +   255d ago
The nearest thing to Burnout Paradise? I've been very impressed with what I've seen so far.
ShowGun901  +   255d ago
ive been waiting for a Burnout Paradise 2 for a while now...

im really on the fence, this or DriveClub. DriveClubs graphics are insane, but this has an open world map, both look really fun in their own way. I just keep going back to the question "how will Ubisoft F#@K this up?" cause they probably will... But it looks awesome so far!

AARG I hate gaming on a budget!
ps4fanboy  +   255d ago
Feedback from gamers who have tried it, ain't been too rosey , just goes to show , big doesn't always equal good..
Take note ladies....

Though I'll reserve my thoughts till I try it myself(if they do a demo).
uth11  +   255d ago
I've been excited for this, but watching some of the PC beta videos, it wasn't looking as good as it looks in the trailers.

So IDK, I still hope this game will be good
Eonjay  +   255d ago
Beginning of the video looks like it was shot by Michael Bay.
jhoward585  +   255d ago
The crew looks like it going to be a lot of fun to play.

Up to 4 players sounds nice. But wouldn't it be cool 4 players can choose to be in a cop car, and 4 players can be in race cars. 8 players in total. The 4 players who are in cop cars would have to chase your crew of 4 players in race car. That would be cool.
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KingSingh92  +   255d ago
Wow this year is gonna be great for racing games. The crew, forza horizon 2, project cars and driveclub and what is really nice is they are all very different games and will all give unique experiences. I can't wait!!!
crazychris4124  +   255d ago
Don't forget "Next Car Game" which is in early access, cant wait for the next update which should be coming within the next 2-4 weeks
crazychris4124  +   255d ago
I was in the 1st beta and its pretty good but its far from perfect but definitely a game you would want to play with a couple friends. Some problems with the game was the cops were pretty stupid and weak. On max heat level i was just toying with the cops, they would even wreck themsleves or each other. Idk if they have fixed this but in free roam there were only crown vic cop cars, even at max heat level. It would be a lot more fun if the cop cars in missions like the ford f-150 and the corvette were in free roam. Other problems were I was constantly being kicked in and out of servers, I would be within 500 ft of a driver then everyone just disappears from the game. Some things the game did right was a ton of customization, the scale of this game is incredible and locations are fun and diverse like drag racing on the salt flats to outrunning the cops with a crew in NYC to car tag in a small race track in long island. Hopefully this next beta solves some major issues with the game, if its does then i will definitely pick this up.
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