Wii U preorders benefit most from Gamescom despite Nintendo’s not putting on a press event

It’s been a roller-coaster week for the Wii U, Nintendo’s innovative but troubled home console.

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randomass1711342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Sometimes all you need is a cool looking game instead of press. Star Citizen is one of the biggest games ever and it's not even out yet! Minecraft was super popular when it was still in beta.

vishmarx1342d ago

i dont think these preorders have anything to do with gamescom.
people are just excited for bayonetta more than whatever they were for the past few months

ritsuka6661342d ago

People are excited not because shit of gamescom but why Nintendo is delivering great games.

Xof1342d ago

Uh... did I miss something? I didn't notice any big news out of Gamescon, let alone big news for the WiiU.

If there are any big sales spikes, it's likely due to anticipation for the new Smash and Zelda Musou games.