Top 5 Best Baseball Games for PC,PS3,XBOX

Baseball is one of the most played sports of United states of America.It is also a Bat an ball type game like Cricket.Unlike cricket,in this game one run is counted only when a particular person complete’s running 4 bases around the fielders.Also unlike Cricket there are only 9 players in a Baseball team while a cricket team has 11 players.This Baseball game is mostly prominent in USA and Canada.Here,you can find the list of best Baseball games that are released for PC,PS3 and even XBOX.After considering nearly 20 Baseball games that are released for these platforms,i have finally concluded this list of best baseball games for PC.I hope you all like this list.Have a look at the list of top 5 best baseball games for PC below.

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kalkano1426d ago

Baseball does not need a top five list for best modern games. All 5 spots belong to MLB: The Show.

Brazz1426d ago

can't agree more! The show is the top dog of all baseball games and hands down the best baseball game for the last 3 years at the very least!

itBourne1426d ago

Lol this person must not own a Playstation.. MVP 2005 was the best baseball game of the ps2 era though.

Xristo1426d ago

As primarily a PC gamer, i 100% agree! I would own a PS4 just for that game alone.... but I haven't yet. :/

Macdaddy711426d ago

I have to disagree... Not everyone like the show, I bought the show for ps4 n like 2k on 360 better, I'm not saying the show not good, I myself think 2k offer more!! If Sony n EA would take a couple pages from 2k n put into there sport games, and OMG!!! We would have kickass sport games...

harrisk9541426d ago

This list doesn't include The Show???.. Total and utter FAIL.

JimmyDM901426d ago

On closer inspection the article title is very misleading. He says it's a list of top 5 baseball games also available on PC. Since The Show is playstation exclusive I'm guessing that's why it is absent.

Redlogic1426d ago

Yea, no MLB the show on this list but MLB 2K is on their twice from the last 3 yrs?!? List is bogus

Brazz1426d ago

The list i a total fail! MLB: the show is the best baseball game, and you can't see it in the list! This thing is bullshit! Only a person that never played "The show", or a butthurt xbox fanboy, can say that MLB 2k series is better than MLB: theshow...

All_Consoles1426d ago

"I hope you all like this list.Have a look at the list of top 5 best baseball games for PC below"

List is for pc games

Spotie1426d ago

"Top 5 Best Baseball Games for PC,PS3,XBOX"

Article claims it's for consoles, then ignores the best franchise on console. Hell the best franchise, period.

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