Top 10 RPGs for Genre Newcomers

Role playing games can be a pretty difficult genre to get into, and for many good reasons. On SuperCheats we have a list of top 10 RPGs that throw genre tropes to the curb… or better yet, embrace them in a refreshing new way.

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TheLyonKing1397d ago

1 every page? You ain't getting my clicks!

In terms of new comers depends cause there are lots of types of rpgs sounds silly but sky's of arcadia is a great starting rpg I think.

webmednet1396d ago

Well the article would be a bit long all on one page don't you think? ... But you haven't bothered to read it so you don't know...

zerocrossing1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

A lot of people feel like splitting lists up to one item a page is just the author trying to maximise clicks. I know that's not always the case but, you have to admit it can be a little tedious having to open a new page to see the next item.

Also, I wouldn't use the "But you haven't bothered to read it so you don't know." argument. It just comes off as you're trying to goad people into clicking through all the pages.

Best thing to do with any list this is to keep explenations short and to the point, and if you really need to make a new page try to put at least five games on one page.

webmednet1396d ago

I understand your point, and I know it is not convenient for some, but if we did not split an article like this over multiple pages we would never get the investment back that we made on the piece. We pay our authors, we think, well for the work they do and consequently we need to do what we can to make the piece economically viable.

rextraordinaire1396d ago

It's a chore to navigate on mobile.

webmednet1396d ago

Thanks for the feedback, we'll be working on something better for mobile shortly.

equal_youth1396d ago

for newcomers pokemon works best :D

PiNkFaIrYbOi1396d ago

Wouldn't say that, though we don't really consider Pokemon to be an rpg. But to each their own and stuff.

Stoppokingme1396d ago

The author sounds like a RPG newcomer.

Bhuahahaha1396d ago

if ill recommend a rpg/jrpg to a newcomers, for starters i would only recommend the ones thats on the previous gen (ps3/360 and wii)then if he/she is now accustomed to what the genre are then i would suggest what's the must have

my reason
well if i just go straight and say play this ps1 classic
he/she might be easily turn off or lose interest instantly
especially in this generation most gamers that havent had the slightest idea what the jrpg genre is, most are accustomed in fast pace action battle system and the flashy graphics

Jubez1871396d ago

Ehh, you don't play your instrument when you start taking lessons, you don't start cooking the first day of cooking class.

I would bring anyone up on SNES/PS1 jprgs. If they can't appreciate the old stuff, then don't even bother. Not to mention, aside from FF, JRPG's generally have okay-at-best graphics.

Bhuahahaha1396d ago

ill say it again for me its best to let them adopt slowly.

what happen when you pour a cold water in a glass of hot water?

PiNkFaIrYbOi1396d ago

JRPG's is just a different art style it doesn't make the graphics better or worse. It all depends on what you prefer.

You seem to prefer WRPG's graphics, whereas we prefer JRPG's graphics.

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