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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Multiplayer Footage Revealed

Footage of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's multiplayer mode, previously shown only at GamesCom behind closed doors, is now available to the public. Watch inside!

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BiggCMan1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

It really is an incredible engine. Can't wait to see the full Silent Hills game with it.

I just wish that the base infiltration wasn't leaked last week, cuz I've seen this already as have a lot of people. It still looks amazingly fun though.

I still hope there is actual multiplayer though, some intelligent PvP like in MGS4.

CARROT1809941132d ago

Hopefully we see a full MGO3 demo at tgs, and hopefully some info on release date


This mode looks like the invasion mode in Dark Souls but better (steal EVERYTHING)!

frostypants1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

It's pretty, but it's the same old daffy MGS dialogue.

"You're a legend in the eyes of those who live on the Battlefield. That's why you have to handle this mission yourself."

Wh...huh??? The hell does that even mean?

And how does horse poop make a jeep spin out?

And then he attaches it to a helicopter that shows up instantaneously?

I dunno. I've always had trouble reconciling the serious tone and realistic graphics of the MGS games with the sometimes utter ridiculousness of the gameplay. It's kind of like if you let the creators of Sin City write the dialogue and do the special effects for Black Hawk Down or something.

This game is gorgeous as all hell though.

TheOverToe1132d ago

How does Mario squash goombas by jumping on them? Oh wait, what the hell is a goomba?

I've always thought that it helps with immersion that silliness/game-iness and seriousness are all fused with no explanation, it creates a unique reality. The fact that NPCs will say things like "press X to crouch" without any allusion to it being an instruction aimed at the player feels way more natural than a box popping up and pausing giving you instructions. My taste isn't your taste though so oh well.

garos821132d ago

you would be surprised how much of it all is actually real. The fulton mechanics actually exist in real life.

Metal gear will always have a little absurdity in its finely tuned gameplay and story scenarios and to be honest i wouldnt want it any other way.

Metal Gear series has always been cutting edge and amazing through the years. I don't see that trend dying out anytime soon!

OT: the multiplayer meta stuff is looking ace. Cant wait to infiltrate your bases online!

Potnoodle9991131d ago

It's this game seriousness, mixed with it's sense of humor that make it so brilliant and unique. There is literally nothing else like MGS especially in the stealth or action genre. I could gush about how amazing this series is for hours on end.
But if you don't WANT to like something, then I guess you never will.
Don't try to understand MGS, most of the time it's not about why. It's about why not haha :)) just try and enjoy it lol

FanboyKilla1132d ago

I cant f n wait for this game. Waiting on it is like waiting for yoir girl to get her period after she told you she is late. Lmfao at my dumb self.

DonDon1132d ago

I like this mode. However I hope he shows MGO3 at TGS. His pvp team based multiplayer games were the first to actually get me interested in multiplayer games.

Razmossis1132d ago

From what I know MGO3 is being developed in L.A with a completely new studio branch on Kojima Productions (they are probably using this studio to record voice over too). They've been quiet this long, I'd imagine whatever they show will be pretty close to completion, a beta will probably be announced along with the reveal itself.

EdoubleD1132d ago

Nice, I still hope we get to see MGO3 soon.

equal_youth1132d ago

surprise surprise :D i didn't know that there was mp. awesome.

GearSkiN1132d ago

Where's the multiplayer

Septic1132d ago

Ye I'm thinking the same thing lol.

Darkwatchman1132d ago

multiplayer starts at 16:55

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