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GameGrin's Ryan Davies writes: ""Pokémon with cars”, that’s how Slightly Mad studio head Ian Bell describes not his own team’s title, but just about every other racing game on the market. That’s fun, he concedes, but it’s not how you make a truly engrossing driving game. With only around 70 vehicles on offer (compared to the hundreds in games like Forza), it’s not surprising that the team at Slightly Mad are hedging their bets on elements other than an extensive garage. “It’s not about collecting cars,” says Bell, “it’s about driving them”. According to Slightly Mad this isn’t some generic arcade racing game, this is nothing short of the ultimate driving experience. Based on our time with the game at this year’s Gamescom, they could be right on the money."

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audiophile1011307d ago

I am beyond excited for this game!!!!

I was in love with the Need for speed: Shift games so i am happy that the developer is back and working towards a hardcore racing sim

Till this game comes out i am playing Asetta Corsa for PC and when i can Forza 5 on xbox one.

Now all i need is money for a really good racing wheel. I would love to get the Logitech G27 wheel

Sayburr1307d ago

Too many racing games! I don't know which one to get.

ATi_Elite1307d ago

its pretty simple.

if you just want to turn on and race around a track for a bit, have few laughs, and not really do anything serious then DriveClub and ForZa are for you

But if you want to really challenge yourself against time, tracks, weather, advenced A.i. or 64 other drivers.

if you want to really hone in your driving skills and feel the excitement of improving over time in a realistic setting.

if you want the most realistic racing experience EVER with the most dynamic physics ever in any game then

PROJECT CARS is what you want.

Forza and Driveclub are good arcade games, get in laugh enjoy, have fun, turn off.

Project Cars is a simulator and gives you a sense of being a real race car driver going thru the ranks.

Wreck your car and you are DONE for that race and can watch it from the garage unlike arcade games where you can flip your car a million times and land on the moon but still be in the race.

saviboy1307d ago

Too many racing games? on what support? consoles? except Forza 5 there is absolutely nothing. Drive club is going to be beautiful but way too arcadey if you are into simulators.

SoapShoes1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

I'm getting this and DriveClub. I might also get The Crew, not sure. I'm looking forward to this, it should be the best simulator on next gen consoles. Looks so good. This will be a great title to sit next to my copy of Gran Turismo 7 when it comes out.

totalrecoilzz1307d ago

whats the point in having a racing game on the ps4 when you have to buy a new thrustmaster wheel to go with logitech wheels do not work with the ps4...the future of racing on ps4 is bleak people.