Prototype's multiplayer may make it after all, says Radical

Speaking to videogaming247, Radical Entertainment executive producer Tim Bennison has said that the developer is "evaluating" Prototype's multiplayer: it may make the game after all.

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crimsonfox3841d ago

i think this game should be pretty good with a multiplayer aspect.

sometimes in gta i feel like jump all crazy,stabbing people from the ground and ripping shhit apart

Truplaya3841d ago

i cant wait for this,

from the trailer it looks like Crackdown with GTAIV graphics and sized world, plus the gore of ninja gaiden. I have high hopes for this one

ry-guy3841d ago

I agree with the two above.

I just got into Crackdown and holy smokes is it addictive.

This game has been on my 'watch' list for a year now.

All I have to say when evaluating a multiplayer component, Gears of War threw their multiplayer component in at the last moment and look how that turned out!

Make the push now!

himdeel3840d ago

...they should stick to the single player game and make it rock harder than petrified boulders.