Steinberg: MGS4 is "only the beginning". Start of exclusive "software avalanche"

The launch of the brilliant MGS4 is "only the beginning" of a rush of triple-A PS3-exclusives, says Sony's seemingly pleased VP of product marketing, Scott Steiner.

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Silogon3838d ago

How about giving us something to chew on Scott? We already know about all those games you mentioned. What about some new games and exclusives? What about a new Konami exclusive called Suikoden? We don't need to hear the same junk over and over. We know all about Little Big planet and Motorstorm 2 and to say those are AAA games, well the verdict is still out on them.

Give us something new.

Fishy Fingers3838d ago

E3 is next month, be patient.

Veryangryxbot3838d ago

And he speaks the truth. Xbots crying silently in a corner since yesterday.

MGS4 is unreal. The graphics are fking OFF THE CHARTS. Its over 9000!

Nothing the 360 has comes close to it. Nothing.

crazy250003838d ago

Maybe they will learn that quality software is better then all the garbage that gets released on the other 2 seems like they just mass produce games and they know it will be bought regardless of quality...

Developers know PS3 owners buy quality games and they will respond to that. Look at EA finally addressing the quality problems by going exclusive.

TheHater3838d ago

This is only the beginning. But from what I played in MGS4, currently on act 4. I don't think any other game on the PS3, or any other console this year, and years to come can match or surpass it.

Shadow Flare3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

lol i was just replying to crimsonfox about this. Everyone who's got to Act 4 knows that awesome thing. You know what im talking about

-Maverick-3838d ago

hahahahahahahh Don't say anything!!!

I'm in Act II and the game is blowing my mind.

People are getting angry. The game is that good. MGS4 is better than all other Exclusives. It's just SOO COOL and amazing.

Jinxstar3838d ago

I am also on act 2. I am loving it but some of the cut scenes are killing me =D Just glad I can pause it.

Blackcanary3838d ago

Just finished ACt 2 10 mins ago went and got something to eat now its on to ACT 3 the more i play the more i'm fulling in love with this game ACT 1 AND ACT 2 was EPIC i can't wait to see what happens in ACT 3.


I love the Ipod.

Marceles3838d ago

MGS4 really stand out above any game I've played this gen. It's like...overwhelmingly detailed, fun, and engrossing. I love how the game cuts from an in-game cutscene to the real gameplay. I forget that what I'm watching is really how the game looks sometimes, and then when it's finally time to play it makes me think "omg, I forgot the game really looks this good". It's probably the best value I've spent on a game in a long time.

lessthanmarcus3837d ago

Yeah, I'm still in awe of how great this game looks. I've never seen anything like it and don't think I ever will. At least in this generation.

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Gun_Senshi3838d ago

No game in the past and in the coming decade can match MGS4.

Shadow Flare3838d ago

Well too true this is only the beginning. Like i've said before, after i've completed MGS4 (MGS4 FTW) and i do the do with MGO, then i'm gonna be totally ready for when LittleBigPlanet comes out. Then i have the likes of Gran Turismo 5, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Final Fantasy XIII which im all eagerly looking forward to (MGS4 FTW) so ps3 has got no shortage whatsoever in the game department. (MGS4 FTW).

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