Bioshock gets a release date for PS3

According to a PSU source, Bioshock will be releasing for the PlayStation 3 November 4th, 2008.

Announced in late May, 2K Games finally confirmed the rumors that not only would the game be coming to the PS3, but will include "new content" and "new features."

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Chubear3538d ago

"BIOSHOCK WILL NEVER COME TO THE PS3 NOOBS! You want to play it? get a 360"

Polluted3538d ago

Seriously fork? What is this your third account?

highdro3538d ago

i dont think i will pick it up...... RESTANCE 2 will be out by then enough said !!

Jpinter3538d ago

Yeah, there are so many other games this holiday to get....
Resistance 2, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Little Big Planet, etc...

CBaoth3538d ago

according to Gamestop's database. If anything the game will slip a cple of weeks. Expect it mid-Nov.

So for anyone w/o access to a 360/PC and enjoys a mature storyline and immersive graphics, you have a small window of opportunity lol.

Gun_Senshi3538d ago

I'll still be playing MGS4. Best game ever made.

Le-mo3538d ago

I'll pick it up if its $39

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The story is too old to be commented.